NatWest is offering a 3% interest rate savings account – 'quick and simple' to apply now

NatWest is offering a 3% interest rate savings account – 'quick and simple' to apply now

NatWest is known for helping millions of UK savers each year, but one of its offerings could be particularly enticing. Amid tumbling interest rates, NatWest’s regular saver account is holding out as one of the best options for savers at present. The Digital Regular Saver account offered by the bank and its sister provider, RBS continues to be a popular one. 

Available to NatWest current account customers, individuals could significantly grow their cash. 

The interest rate of three percent is applicable on balances which are saved into the account up to £1,000.

This could make the account suitable for those who are just getting started on a savings journey, or who are willing to put this amount of money aside for the higher interest.

The rate is currently variable, however NatWest has said it will always give its customers notice should the interest on the account change.

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This means savers will be able to have flexibility with their cash, withdrawing it whenever it suits them. 

Taking eligibility rules into account will be key for savers who wish to benefit from this deal.

When opening the account, savers are required to be aged 18 or over, as well as a UK resident.

To apply, they are also required to be a NatWest current account holder.

This is inclusive of a standing order and any extra money a person may wish to put in.

There will be no minimum deposit a person needs to open the account, but the standing order must be set up between the NatWest current account and the Digital Regular Saver.

Extra money can come from other accounts, but this cannot exceed the £50 monthly limit.

A person is only allowed to have one Digital Regular Saver in their name, and joint accounts are not permitted.

Published at Mon, 31 May 2021 10:47:10 +0000