Need a MacBook upgrade? There’s never been a better time to buy an Apple laptop

Need a MacBook upgrade? There’s never been a better time to buy an Apple laptop

It’s been a busy few months for Apple’s MacBook team in Cupertino. First, there was the release of its all-new and feature-packed 16-inch MacBook Pro which brought a bigger screen, better speakers, and a new keyboard to the range for the first time. This was closely followed by the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13-inch both getting significant reboots.

So, that’s the offers on the MacBook Air but what about if you want the Pro?

Although this latest model was only released in May, Amazon has already cut the cost of this brand new laptop. That means you can now take delivery of the MacBook Pro 13-inch with 512GB of memory and the 10th generation Intel processor for £1,651.61. That’s a saving of £147.84 which is pretty good considering how new this laptop is.

Amazon has also cut the price of 8th gen MacBook Pro with prices now starting from £1,192.24 instead of its original cost of £1,299.


The only thing to note before buying any of these new MacBooks is that Apple is making a big change to its machines later this year with the launch of its own processors. Apple already designs a huge number of its in-house chips which are built from the ground-up to provide what Apple believes to be the best power and efficiency for its iOS, watchOS, iPadOS operating systems.

These have enabled the Cupertino-based company to offer faster performance and better longevity than many Android-powered rivals – even those with three times as much RAM squeezed under the bonnet.

Unlike Intel chips, which currently power Mac laptops and desktops, Apple’s own chips will only have to work with macOS. By designing the chipset around the operating system, Apple hopes to be able to get the same power and efficiency gains seen on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

It also means Apple can make its own decisions around what to prioritise – whether that’s endless battery life or unfettered speed.

And finally, Apple has confirmed that MacBooks and iMacs running its own chips will also be able to run iPhone and iPad apps alongside dedicated Mac apps. That brings together all of Apple’s distinct operating systems together seamlessly for the first time.

Apple confirmed plans to ship its first Mac with Apple-custom silicon by the end of the year. The company hopes to complete the transition away from all Intel chips within two years.

Published at Thu, 09 Jul 2020 06:11:34 +0000