Netflix movies vs Amazon Prime: Does Amazon Prime Video or Netflix have more movies?

Netflix movies vs Amazon Prime: Does Amazon Prime Video or Netflix have more movies?

Netflix and Amazon Prime have very different movies on their systems – whether they are original content or fan favourites. While some films are pretty varied, sometimes both platforms will be home to some great picks. But fans have often wondered, when working out which platform to invest in, which one would be best.

Which platform has more movies – Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately this is not an easy question to answer, as neither platform has revealed these statistics in an accessible way.

For Netflix, fans have developed forums and fan sites to attempt to answer this question, as well as trying to keep up with the ever-changing content streams.

On one forum, fans debated how many films there are on the platform, suggesting Netflix, at one time, had more than 6,000 films compared to only 500 TV series in 2010 on the USA version of the platform.

However, the split has shifted somewhat as binge-worthy Netflix shows have become more popular, and by 2015 there were approximately 2,500 movies on the UK version of the platform.

With that being said, one website, UK New on Netflix, has suggested there are more than 6,000 movies and TV series on the platform, not revealing the split between the two.

Another fan on the forum suggested there were more than 3,500 movies on the UK platform as of summer 2018, meaning if there were previously only 500 TV series in 2010, and this number has risen, it likely that more than half the content on Netflix is now TV series.

As for Amazon Prime, the number is also hard to pin down, with a variety of suggestions coming through.

One report suggests there are more like 18,000 titles available via Amazon Prime, compared to half that on its competitor.

As well as that, the report suggested there were 2,000 TV shows, meaning Prime clearly has a focus on movies rather than TV shows.

Sadly an official figure is hard to pin down, but there is another reason why these figures can be misleading.

For Prime Members, only some of the content is free, and fans may still have to buy and rent or download films for an extra price to their £7.99 a month.

This is not the same with Netflix, as everything on the platform is included in its varied subscription price.

One good thing for both platforms is neither of them readily discontinue movies, though it is always good to watch your favourites quickly just in case.

As well as that, both have brilliant new editions, with Amazon Prime boasting more new movies while Netflix offers particular collections such as its Studio Ghibli season.

So, while Amazon Prime Video may have more content, not all of it is included, and with Netflix putting out groundbreaking original content (three Netflix movies were Oscar-nominated) it isn’t just a question of volume.

Published at Mon, 22 Jun 2020 16:52:00 +0000