New driving law may see number plate offenders issued penalty points to ‘change behaviour’

New driving law may see number plate offenders issued penalty points to ‘change behaviour’

Number plate offenders could soon be issued penalty points in a bid to crack down on an existing loophole which drivers get away with just a simple fine. Non-compliant plates are also being challenged as part of the new legislation which could affect thousands of road users.

“This enables anti-social drivers on our roads, especially in rural areas to defy both speed and number plate recognition cameras with relative impunity.”

Those caught breaking the rules and using illegal plates will likely be issued a £100 non-endorsable Fixed Penalty Notice.

In extreme cases, costs can rise to £1,000 and plates could be revoked by the DVLA but this is less likely.

Mr Griffith added that paying the simple fine was often cheaper than booking onto a trackday where road users could speed legally.

“Unlike a fine, penalty points are a real sanction and are more likely to change behaviour.”

Experts at the AA said more police was needed to catch those using illegal number plates on UK roads.

However, they raised fears that innocent road users could be penalised for simply uncovering the crime despite not breaking any laws themselves.

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at the AA said: “There are multiple areas that need to be addressed with this Bill.

“Most importantly, we need more cops in cars to catch these drivers with illegal plates in the first place. Often the cars are involved in other crimes.

“Registration plates can be stolen from the cars of innocent drivers or bought online without any ownership checks.

“Likewise, plates can be made with illegal fonts and sizes. More must be done here to stop the ease with which plates can be cloned and printed.

“All too often, it is those innocent drivers who uncover the crime and then take the rap for other offences they haven’t committed – when they start receiving fines for those offences.”

Published at Sat, 24 Oct 2020 10:58:30 +0000