New driving laws will see motorists fined £120 for parking their car in these areas

New driving laws will see motorists fined £120 for parking their car in these areas

New driving laws will introduce a new tiered system for private parking fines with a charge cap offered for some minor offences and increased fines for serious cases. The new upper-level breach will cap firms at £120 and covers the most serious parking offences drivers can commit.

Under the new system drivers who commit an upper-level beach will be liable for a maximum fine of £120.

However, the government stresses that just a £70 penalty will only need to be paid if motorists settle the charge within 14 days.

Middle-level breaches are considered any which have an impact on businesses, landowners or car park users.

Punishable offences could be anything from parking in a reserved parking space or simply overstaying a free parking period or paid tariff.

Further changes will include a compulsory 10 minute grace period before firms can charge late fines and a crackdown on the aggressive language used by many firms.

Companies must include a clear pricing structure and terms and conditions inside the car park as well as include details on how to appeal a fine.

Consultation on the changes will run until 12 October with any changes to legislation set to be implemented soon after.

Sir Greg Knight, Member of Parliament for East Yorkshire who has pushed for parking changes said the changes would stop “unfair and dodgy practices”.

He said: “I am delighted that a new statutory Code of Practice on parking now moves a step closer to being introduced.

“This whole process is intended to stop unfair and dodgy practices arising.

“The new Code of Practice, when implemented, will, I believe, make the process of parking fairer and more transparent for all concerned.

Published at Tue, 01 Sep 2020 07:35:00 +0000