New York’s coronavirus came from Europe and NOT China – shocking claims

New York’s coronavirus came from Europe and NOT China – shocking claims

Researchers from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai looked at 84 gene samples from coronavirus patients. The study published in Science concurs with an April study that said two-thirds of New York coronavirus cases had a European origin. It said: “Notably, the majority of introductions appear to have been sourced from Europe and the USA.”

In most cases “untracked transmission between the US and Europe,” was the source of the infection.

Scientists can correlate how a virus spreads by looking at mutations in the genetic sequences.

The study said most cases originated from Finland, France, Italy and Spain and other European countries.

At the time of writing, the US has had over 110K coronavirus deaths.

This is out of 1.91 million confirmed cases.

The most recent daily death toll was 1,004.

New York State has suffered 24,133 deaths, with 54 in the most recent daily update.

This is from over 375,000 confirmed cases.

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“I know it’s not on the front pages today, but it is still in people and in society.

“But thanks to the people of New York and the nurses, doctors and essential workers, today we have the lowest number of hospitalizations ever and we have the lowest death toll ever.

“We are continuously evaluating activities that can be safely reopened, and today we are adding outdoor seating at restaurants to phase two.”

New York City, the largest city in the state has suffered 16,877 deaths from over 205,000 cases.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said a month ago, he did not foresee the city fully reopening until September.

Mr de Blasio explained: “I believe right now we are on a good track for the thing I am focused on the most, which is getting us up and running and as much normal as we can be by the beginning of September when school begins.

“I want to see school come back strong.

“I want to see us do the work over the next few months to get to that point.

“It is also a natural time when people coming back from the summer get into higher gear.”

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