Next UK to reopen stores and launch sale – where shops will open

Next UK to reopen stores and launch sale – where shops will open

The store made the announcement: “On Thursday 26 March, we temporarily closed our UK warehouses and distribution networks in order to adapt our operations to working safely in a coronavirus world.” The company has reorganised a number of elements of its operations for a post-coronavirus world.

This includes looking at entrances and exits of the stores, and well as how pedestrians will flow around the shop.

It said: “During the 18 days of closure we re-organised all aspects of our warehousing to ensure social distancing and improved sanitation.

“We re-organised the flow of pedestrians, adapted exits, entrances, congregation areas, rest areas and workstations.

“In addition, we changed our picking routines and delivery promise to smooth workflow during the day and eliminated the peaks in activity most likely to result in close contact between operatives.

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The company said: “The reduction in sales volumes has meant that we have a lot more stock in our warehouses than anticipated.

“Although our main July and January End of Season Sales are likely to fall outside lockdown, we believe clearing our surplus stock will prove challenging if social distancing restrictions are in force.”

And it’s not just retail, popular eateries are looking to open.

This includes fried chicken favourite KFC.

KFC stores are open for delivery via Uber Eats, Just Eat or Deliveroo.

There are a number open across the UK, including Ashford, Sheffield, Slough and Lancaster among others.

KFC updated their website on April 29, stating: “Update from The Colonel… by Monday, May 4 we’ll have reopened 100 of our restaurants in the UK for delivery.

“We’re reopening our restaurants in a responsible way, with stringent processes and hygiene measures in place.

“We’ll be serving a limited menu to help the smaller kitchen teams maintain social distancing.

“Opening these restaurants will mean that we can continue donating food to NHS and key workers – we’ll be delivering 10,000 meals a week from these restaurants in partnership with Deliveroo.”

It was also revealed Wickes will reopen. The stores opened on Thursday April 30.

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