Nicky Morgan warned ‘significant proportion’ of votes will go to Farage in Euro elections

Nicky Morgan warned ‘significant proportion’ of votes will go to Farage in Euro elections

Jonathan Dimbleby warned Nicky Morgan a “very significant proportion” of votes will go to Nigel Farage or UKIP in the European elections. The BBC presenter also told Ms Morgan that “many” of her supporters cannot support the Prime Minister. Speaking on BBC’s Any Questions, Mr Dimebleby remarked: “Many of your supporters say they cannot support Theresa May. You must be anxious that regardless of what you may think about UKIP that a very significant proportion will go to either Nigel Farage or UKIP in these Euros.

“You would be politically barking mad frankly not to fear that.”

Ms Morgan replied: “Well firstly I hope we do not actually end up fighting the European elections.

“I hope there is actually an agreement that can be reached, whether it is with the Labour Party or whether it is through Parliament actually having a proper series of indicative votes to reach a deal.

“Because actually, if we do not do that, the original question was ‘is this extension period a lifeline or a noose?’

“Parliament should be using this extension period to get to a deal that does enable us to leave the European Union in a smooth and orderly way. Why does that matter?

“It matters because we need to start healing the divisions in this country.”

The comments follow Mr Farage kicking off his campaign on Friday for the expected European elections next month, by promising a “democratic revolution” to ensure Britain’s vote to leave the EU is honoured.

Unveiling a string of candidates for his newly-formed Brexit Party, the former Ukip leader vowed to “change politics for good”.

In his launch speech, Mr Farage said the campaign marked the start of a fightback against a political class which had “betrayed” the 2016 EU referendum result.

He said: “I do believe that we can win these European elections and that we can again start to put the fear of God into our Members of Parliament in Westminster.

“They deserve nothing less after the way they’ve treated us over this betrayal. Our task and our mission is to change politics for good.

“I said that if I ever did come back into the political fray, it would be no more Mr Nice Guy.

“Now what I am fighting for, and with your support what we will attempt to achieve, is a democratic revolution in British politics.”

Elections for the European Parliament are due to be held on May 23 following the decision by an EU summit this week to delay the Brexit deadline until October 31.

But the poll could be cancelled as late as the eve of polling day, if Theresa May’s Brexit deal is approved by a majority of MPs for Britain to leave by June 30.

Published at Fri, 12 Apr 2019 23:01:00 +0000