Nicola Sturgeon ruthlessly savaged for pretending ‘Scottish Brexiteers don’t exist’

Nicola Sturgeon ruthlessly savaged for pretending ‘Scottish Brexiteers don’t exist’

An enraged Scottish voter took aim at the Scottish Party for pretending that Scottish Brexiteer’s don’t exist in the upcoming election. The voter spoke during a panel discussion on Brexit in North Berwick. With the upcoming election less than two weeks away, the SNP party has consistently insisted that Scotland did not vote for Brexit.

However, the furious Brexiteer still argued that there were over one million Scottish people who voted to Leave the EU and should be considered.

He said: “What I find baffling from most of the elected representatives in Scotland is that they have not taken into account that over one million Scots voted to leave the EU and the Scottish Nationalists have pretty much completely ignored us.

“It’s like the leave voters in Scotland don’t exist, they never talk about them.”

SNP’s Kenny MacAskill argued back: “That’s true, but equally those who were voting leave weren’t voting leave for a no deal Brexit.

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“That’s why Ruth Davidson, who was championed by Craig Hoy, argued for a single marketing customs union

The Brexiteer continued: “Your party has completely ignored the fact that over one million people in Scotland voted to leave the EU.

“Like I said before, your party has pretty airbrushed us out of history, like we don’t exist.”

Nicola Sturgeon has been criticised for her determination to stop Brexit and hold another Scottish referendum throughout the UK’s process in attempting to leave the EU .

“And you were asked last night in that debate if you could prioritise to stop Brexit or have Scottish independence and you didn’t really answer that.”

Appearing to be unclear on the question she was asked, the Scottish First Minister replied: “I’m not sure if you’re asking me in terms of what I think it’s more important or what I think the order would be.”

She then added: “I want to stop Brexit, I want to stop Brexit for the whole of the UK.

Published at Mon, 02 Dec 2019 22:47:00 +0000