Nicola Sturgeon sparks outrage over SNP leader’s ‘shameless denial of official statistics’

Nicola Sturgeon sparks outrage over SNP leader’s ‘shameless denial of official statistics’

Theresa May’s former aide Nick Timothy slammed the SNP leader’s shameless denial of official statistics. Other views took to social media to criticise Ms Sturgeon’s domestic record in comparison to England. Scotland’s First Minister criticised the reporting of care homes deaths in England during an interview with Sky News yesterday. 

Mr Timothy tweeted: “I’m still waiting for all the outrage about Sturgeon’s shameless denial of official statistics here.

“Another reminder that the SNP adopted the populist playbook long before Trump etc.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “She probably doesn’t believe these either: – Scotland’s drug problems are worse than England’s – Scotland’s obesity problems are worse than England’s – Scotland’s life expectancy is worse than England’s – Scotland’s school results are worse than England’s.”

A third tweeted: “How dare @NicolaSturgeon say that about England when she has a dreadful death rate in care homes in Scotland. She’s just diverting from her own colossal failure and handling of COVID19.”

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 Yesterday during the interview with Sky News’ Sophy Ridge, the SNP leader criticised the reporting of care homes deaths as a result of coronavirus in England.  

 Ms Sturgeon told Sky News: “This is a matter of deep personal regret to me.

“I’m not the only leader that has found that some of these decisions, and the implications of what has happened over the past months, will live with me for the rest of my life.

“But can I just look at the situation in care homes specifically.

“But more of them in care homes have been attributed to COVID than is the case in England.”

Scotland’s First Minister added: “So about 70 percent, or slightly more than that, of excess deaths in Scotland have been attributed to COVID.

“Whereas, for some reason, it is less than 50 percent in England.

“In Scotland, if you die of, say, a stroke, but you also happen to have the virus, you will be included in the deaths from COVID.”

Published at Mon, 01 Jun 2020 11:47:00 +0000