‘No question!’ Staggering majority say BBC ‘sided with EU’ in Brexit coverage – poll

‘No question!’ Staggering majority say BBC ‘sided with EU’ in Brexit coverage – poll

Labour peer Baroness Kate Hoey launched a furious attack on the corporation on Monday in a Twitter post. Her comments were in response to a tweet by Defund the BBC.

She tweeted: “When the history of the Brexit period is written the BBC will be shown to have totally sided with the fear mongering EU.

“Most @BBCNews journalists could not accept that the British people ignored their views and voted to Leave.”

Following the tweet, Express.co.uk readers were asked in a poll – which ran from 11am to 10pm on Monday – whether the BBC sided with the Brussels club.

The question asked: “Did the BBC ‘side with the EU’ in Brexit coverage?’

A staggering 19,285 people cast their vote with 98 percent (18,814) opting for ‘yes’ – and agreeing the BBC did ‘side with the EU’ in its Brexit coverage.

Just two percent (425) disagreed, and voted ‘no’ while 42 people opted for ‘don’t know’.

Responding in the comments section, one reader claimed: “No question! Of course, they sided with the EU!

“And they are still selling their message in favour of the EU.

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“Attacked Dominic Cummings over the safety of his children… and are on Barnier’s mailing list.

“They also kept an outside broadcast unit open outside Westminster so as to be able to listen to the single Remainer shouter to make any interviews impossible – when the other broadcasters used plexiglass.

“The BBC is a shambles – BUT NOT FOR LONG.

“After Brexit the Get out of the BBC starts!”

Someone else simply claimed: “The BBC has and will always be pro-EU.”

It came after the Defund the BBC campaign tweeted claiming the BBC went into “meltdown” following a Brexit speech by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he warned the UK to prepare for no deal.

The group tweeted: “The BBC has gone into meltdown over the Prime Minister’s statement this afternoon.

“What version of Project Fear are we up to now?”

In response to Baroness Hoey’s comments, a BBC spokesman said: “The BBC continues to report Brexit impartially and features a wide range of different perspectives across our news coverage.

“Our journalists report independently and without fear or favour.”

Published at Mon, 19 Oct 2020 23:07:00 +0000