North Korea launches investigation into military drivers – ‘Illegal Practices!’

North Korea launches investigation into military drivers – ‘Illegal Practices!’

Military authorities began the investigation on June 8, looking at drivers under the control of General Staff Department (GSD), General Political Bureau (GPB) and Ministry of People’s Armed Forces (MPAF) as well as other police, judicial and security forces. According to a source, the investigation ended on June 17. The source told South Korea based Daily NK: “The investigation was focused on illegal practices during the conscription process, as well as corruption during the issuance of certificates confirming vehicle inspections, the issuance of military vehicle license plate numbers, and the issuance of various classes of driving licenses.

“If any drivers are suspected of having colluded with their superiors during the issuance of any of these documents, the Military Security Command was ordered to immediately start an investigation.”

Pyongyang has strict regulations concerning military drivers.

They must carry proper documentation and only drive types of vehicles they hold licenses for.

They also must avoid driving vehicles with expired inspection certificates.

Women are under selective conscription, according to

Troops serve a minimum of 10 years, starting from the age of 17.

North Korea is thought to be a presence in the war in Yemen.

In 2015, a South Korean intelligence official claimed Houthi rebels received 20 Scud missiles from North Korea.

These missiles were then fired into Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh initially believed the missiles to have come from Iran, but a former North Korean official confirmed the claims made by the South Korean official.

As per Huffington Post, North Korea has been noted to make missile shipments to the Middle East.

Iran, Syria and Palestine are believed to be clients.

The intervention in Yemen is thought to have been stimulated by anti-US sentiment and military ties between Riyadh and Seoul.

Published at Fri, 19 Jun 2020 23:32:00 +0000