‘Nothing in 100 days!’ Starmer mocked as Labour MP struggles to name a single party policy

‘Nothing in 100 days!’ Starmer mocked as Labour MP struggles to name a single party policy

Sophy Ridge stunned viewers this morning after pointing out that the leader of the Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, had failed to announce a single policy in his first 100 days as leader. She asked Labour’s shadow business minister Lucy Powell to “please name” a single policy from the Labour leader in an humiliating exchange. Ms Powell struggled to respond, claiming that the public have “gotten to know Keir” over the first 100 days and said one policy Labour had would be to spend the budget money “more wisely”.

Ridge said: “Now, Keir Starmer has been Labour leader for 100 days.

“I might be at fault here but I can’t think of a single policy he has announced in that time. Can you please help me out?”

Ms Powell looked stunned as she struggled to defend the Labour leader, insisting it wasn’t the time for “manifesto commitments”.

She explained: “Now is not the time for manifesto commitments, especially given the context of an unprecedented health and economic crisis.”

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Ridge fired back: “I mean, no-one is expecting a manifesto this far from an election.

“But what I’m confused about is the lack of policy, any policy.

“Is the only policy Keir Stamer has that he isn’t Jeremy Corbyn?”

Ms Powell responded: “No, that isn’t fair at all. He has gotten off to a fantastic start as leader.

“He has made such an impact on the public, the public really like him.

Ms Powell responded: “We would have had a much more flexible approach to the furlough scheme.

“We would have done more to protect jobs than the Government are willing to do.

“We would have spent the money more wisely.”

Despite the grilling, the latest Opinium poll for the Observer shows that half of UK voters say they have formed a more favourable view of the Labour party since Sir Keir became its leader in April.

The poll also showed Sir Keir is now strongly favoured by voters over Boris Johnson when people are asked about the two leaders’ qualities including their competence, their ability to take decisions and get things done, and their ability to represent this country abroad.

Published at Sun, 12 Jul 2020 08:15:00 +0000