Notre Dame fire IN PICTURES: First images released of destruction INSIDE the cathedral

Notre Dame fire IN PICTURES: First images released of destruction INSIDE the cathedral

Parisians watched in horror as a huge plume of smoke extended for miles over the centre of the French capital. The ferocious blaze has devastated Notre Dame Cathedral, destroying its spire and a large part of the roof. Firefighters battled to contain the fire, which began at around 6pm on Monday.

An investigation has been opened by the prosecutor’s office, but police said it began accidentally and may be linked to building work at the cathedral.

The 850-year-old gothic masterpiece had been undergoing restoration work.

Flames roared across the roof of the building.

The ancient rood was ablaze and tragically the iconic spire toppled.

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Then, the roof itself collapsed.

Shocked Parisians posted photos and videos worldwide of the saddening destruction.

The images are dramatic, showing the 850-year-old church surrounded by bright orange, blacks, and a smoky haze.

It is still unknown how many of the invaluable art and artefacts inside of the building were removed before the roof came crashing down.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, attended the scene and later gave a speech in which he vowed that the cathedral would be rebuilt.

Mr Macron said, “the worst has been avoided” thanks to hundreds of brave firefighters who battled for hours to tame the inferno.

He added: “What happened tonight in Paris, in this cathedral is a terrible event.”

Mr Macron promised to raise funds worldwide and bring the best talents from around the world to reconstruct the building in its entirety.

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