NOW TV offers a serious boost that could leave Sky TV viewers jealous

NOW TV offers a serious boost that could leave Sky TV viewers jealous

NOW TV Smart Stick owners don’t have the widest selection of streaming apps and catch-up services. Although it’s designed and built by Roku – which offers one of the most comprehensive selections of streaming services, games and video on-demand apps – NOW TV-branded streaming dongles and set-top boxes are predominantly limited to apps from Sky. But with the latest update, NOW TV Smart Sticks will gain access to BT Sport for the first time. And can tune-in in superior quality to those on Sky Q boxes.

Coupled with the Sky Sports Pass, which is  and offers access to the complete raft of Sky Sports channels, NOW TV set-top box owners will be able to access almost every sporting fixture.

In fact, the only service missing from NOW TV Smart Stick is Prime Video. Last year, Amazon aired 10 fixtures from 26-27 December exclusively on its Prime Video streaming service in the UK. Should the US retail firm do the same this year, NOW TV Smart Stick owners are set to miss out.

Nevertheless, the arrival of the BT Sport app will be hugely welcome to streaming fans.

And for those with the 4K NOW TV Smart Box plugged into their TV will be able to tune into BT Sport in 4K and HDR quality – that’s something that Sky doesn’t currently offer. That’s because HDR on Sky Q is currently limited to a handful of documentaries at the moment, although Sky plans to add more content in the coming months. Not only that, but there’s an extra charge that some subscribers might not be aware of.

Of course, you’ll need a BT Sport subscription to watch anything. However, subscribers will be able to access everything within the app – from live-streamed matches, catch-up and on-demand shows. BT Sport also allows users to stream on multiple devices at once – two, to be exact – so NOW TV owners will be able to continue watching on their smartphone or tablet in another room, while someone else is watching another match on the big screen.

You can always split the monthly cost with a friend or family member if you want to make things a little more affordable.

BT Sport is available for NOW TV owners to download right now. Although, it’s worth noting that free BT Sport subscriptions from other providers (like the ones bought from the likes of EE, Virgin Media and Sky) will not work when trying to sign-in to the NOW TV version of the sport streaming app.

Published at Thu, 18 Jun 2020 05:31:00 +0000