OnePlus fans could finally see the Galaxy Watch and Fitbit challenger they’ve hoped for

OnePlus fans could finally see the Galaxy Watch and Fitbit challenger they’ve hoped for

OnePlus could be about to introduce another new product – the cherry-on-top of an already blockbuster year for the Shenzhen-based start-up, which has seen new Smart TVs, flagship smartphones, affordable 5G handsets, and true wireless earbuds. Phew. We’re exhausted just listing them all.

But the folks at OnePlus are seemingly readying a smartwatch to join its brimming product portfolio. According to XDA Developers, which spotted a filing from OnePlus with Indonesia’s regulatory body, the wearable will be branded OnePlus Watch.

Given what OnePlus has done with its smartphone series – running a (very) lightly tweaked version of Google’s open-source Android operating system, the OnePlus Watch is likely to be powered by the Californian search firm’s Wear OS smartwatch platform. Powered by the Qualcomm 4100 chipset, the smartwatch should be able to handle text notifications, turn-by-turn navigation prompts, music and fitness tracking without hiccup.

With any luck, OnePlus will add a number of software features to improve interoperability with its other products, including its Smart TVs and smartphones.

We’d love to see the OnePlus Watch automatically switch between silent and other alert modes as you use the trademark Alert Slider on the paired OnePlus smartphone, for example. Or perhaps a built-in remote control app that lets you pause and play shows on your OnePlus TV.

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OnePlus has talked openly about its interest in wearable technology. Back in 2016, it created a prototype smartwatch, but scrapped the product ahead of its launch. According to TechRadar, OnePlus has revived the product and been toying with a new design for the last year or so.

OnePlus has a shared investor with Oppo, which means the five-year-old company is allowed to share some patented technologies from the bigger firm. Oppo recently launched a smartwatch – with an almost identical design to the Apple Watch – with a heart-rate tracker to boost fitness features. It’s very likely some of these technologies that helped Oppo get to market will crop-up inside the OnePlus Watch too.

With a slightly tweaked version of the OnePlus 8, known as OnePlus 8T, supposedly in the works too, it seems like OnePlus has enough to put together a blockbuster hardware showcase sometime later this year. With a new iPhone, Pixel 5 and more gadgets purportedly in the works from Huawei and others, OnePlus could face some stiff competition in the Christmas shopping rush. will have more news about the OnePlus Watch and its capabilities as soon as we hear anything on the grapevine. So, stay tuned.

Published at Fri, 04 Sep 2020 08:51:00 +0000