Outlander season 5: ‘We pushed for it’ Jamie Fraser star on ‘most intimate scene’ ever

Outlander season 5: ‘We pushed for it’ Jamie Fraser star on ‘most intimate scene’ ever

Unfortunately this bite left Jamie on his death bed, and viewers were not sure if he was going to pull through.

Thankfully his wife, Claire, utilised her medical training to keep him alive as best she could.

But, despite her best efforts, Claire was unable to heal Jamie entirely, leaving his life at risk.

Eventually, however, in a powerful and emotional scene, Claire and Jamie engaged in a sexual act which seemed to miraculously clear him of the venom inside his body, healing him of all his wounds.

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While this was an unprecedented event, Jamie star Sam has now spoken out about what went on behind-the-scenes which brought this scene to light.

Speaking to Glamour, Sam explained: “For me, that’s probably the most intimate moment we’ve had for quite a long time.

“But it’s not them having sex, it’s something deeper than that. It’s hard to find a new way of showing that and expressing that.

“And that’s certainly what Caitriona and I pushed for in those scenes.”

Despite Stephen Bonnet’s (Edward Speleers) death in episode ten, the actor has now spoken out about how he could be making a return in coming storylines.

Speaking to Town & Country, Edward confessed: “Outlander, as the producers have joked with me, has quite the record of doing flashbacks.

“And of bringing people back. So, never say never.”

Edward went on to speak about how he would feel about working on the show in the future, saying: “I would love to work with these people again in some capacity.

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