Overwatch Echo release date: When does Echo come out on PS4 and Xbox One?

Overwatch Echo release date: When does Echo come out on PS4 and Xbox One?

While the Overwatch Echo release date has arrived on PTR, everyone else is waiting for the full launch. And so far, Blizzard has yet to share its plans for the live server phase on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The most recent Overwatch game update came earlier this week but didn’t include any hints on the final Echo release date.

As many gamers will already know, the Overwatch PTR is a testing mode available only on PC. This is the only place you can use Echo right now and the most recent build was released on March 31.

This included dialling back some of Echo’s abilities and making new cosmetics items available. So how much longer will gamers be waiting to play Echo on PS4, Xbox One and PC?


Based on earlier character launches, we would expect the Overwatch Echo release date to be set for April 2020.

However, it should be noted that things could run differently with Echo due to current world events and the ongoing development of Overwatch 2.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan shared more on the unique challenges of launching Echo during the Coronavirus outbreak.

While talking on the TimTheTatman Livestream, Kaplan confirmed that his team wants to launch Echo in the coming weeks but that there was no way of guaranteeing it.

“Hopefully it’s a few weeks, and not much longer than that,” Kaplan revealed.

“A lot of that depends on the direction that the world in general goes right now. We’re keeping an eye on that, and how functional we can remain as a team.”

Adding: “It was crazy how quickly we evacuated the office, and a lot of people still can’t even work from home.

“Some people only have one computer at home, and their significant other is also trying to work from home.

“So we’re trying to figure out all of those logistics right now, and keep the live game running, and make Overwatch 2 at the same time.”

Based on the latest Overwatch PTR update, we would expect the next feasible date for the Echo launch to happen is on April 21.

This would be two-weeks after the most recent patch and would give the Blizzard team time to implement further changes.

It should also be noted that Echo will be introducing a new unique ability to the game which will make it possible to duplicate other Characters.

This will allow Echo to gain use of their abilities and could make it more of a challenge to catch all the bugs that could be created through this process.

Another factor is the recent release of the new experimental mode, which Blizzard has confirmed isn’t intended to be used as a PTR.

However, it will be interesting to see if this new experimental mode will change how Blizzard goes about releasing Echo on consoles.

It should also be noted that the Echo release date will not be fully completed until the character is available in Competitive Mode, which could take until May.

Published at Thu, 09 Apr 2020 05:01:00 +0000