P-Valley creator teases major change to Mercedes’ mother Patrice ‘Begin to like her’

P-Valley creator teases major change to Mercedes’ mother Patrice ‘Begin to like her’

Patrice Woodbine (played by Harriett D Foy) is arguably P-Valley’s primary protagonist, having tormented and neglected her own daughter Mercedes (Brandee Evans) throughout the first two seasons. However, with just two episodes of the Starz drama’s current run still to come, the show’s creator has suggested there may be more to Chucalissa’s zealous mayoral candidate than meets the eye.

Showrunner Katori Hall has hinted fans could start to warm to Patrice as the story develops.

In season two, viewers learned more about Mercedes’ troubled upbringing under her fiercely religious mother.

“She’s serial killer level, right?” Katori said of Patrice at this point in the season.

Patrice forced her daughter to give up her own child, Terricka (A’zaria Carter), when she became pregnant at 15.

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Now Mercedes is facing the same tough choices after 14-year-old Terricka revealed she had become pregnant herself.

Explaining more of Mercedes’ backstory, Katori continued: “She was forced twice to go through some mental anguish.

“And when she gets an opportunity to be in her daughter’s life and try to get her daughter back, she’s really trying not to be the mother that her own mother was to her.”

Episode seven, Jackson, explores both sides of the coin as it contrasts Mercedes’ traumatic experiences with her mother while she grapples with Terricka’s struggles in the present.

Terricka ultimately decides to go through with an abortion, which will undoubtedly send Patrice into a rage if she catches wind of her daughter’s choice.

In episode eight, Death Drop, a smear campaign against Andre Watkins (Parker Sawyers) gave Patrice a considerable leg-up in the race to become mayor of Chucalissa.

If her bid is successful, Patrice will be able to spread her fundamentalist doctrine throughout the town, putting the careers of Mercedes and her colleagues at The Pynk at dire risk.

Surprisingly, Katori has since teased Patrice won’t always be P-Valley’s most hateable character as the story continues.

She added: “But what’s so cool, I think you will begin to like her eventually.”

Fans certainly won’t be expecting Patrice to undergo a sudden change of heart and reconcile with Mercedes in the next two episodes.

However, P-Valley has the potential and popularity to continue for several more seasons, which could eventually see Mercedes slowly starting to rebuild her relationship with her mother.

P-Valley season 2 continues Sundays on Starz in the USA and StarzPlay in the UK.

Published at Fri, 05 Aug 2022 03:01:00 +0000