P40 Pro revealed: Huawei’s flagship has an S20-beating camera but a glaring software issue

P40 Pro revealed: Huawei’s flagship has an S20-beating camera but a glaring software issue

Huawei has just lifted the lid on its all-new P40 range and fans now have a trio of phones to get excited about. Along with the standard P40, there’s also a flagship P40 Pro and ultra-premium P40 Pro+ which gets some added extras you won’t find on its cheaper siblings including a white ceramic case which should provide better resistance against scuffs and scratches.

Perhaps the most exciting feature to grace the top-end Pro+ is a new Leica camera system which Huawei boasts is the world’s first SuperZoom Array.

While the P40 Pro gets a quad system with a single telephoto (5X optical) lens, the Pro+ offers five lenses with two optical telephoto sensors (10X and 3X) which work together to deliver a maxed out zoom of 100x.

This is similar to that found on the Galaxy S20 Ultra although Huawei says it’s using clever AI to improve the stability of these long-range shots.

Other features coming to Huawei’s new camera include a much larger sensor which should boost images with improved light intake, higher dynamic range and lower noise.

There’s even a claim from the Chinese firm that its sensor lets in 200 percent light than Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Huawei also says low light images will look much better thanks to a faster focus plus there’s the usual AI tricks which can work out what you are taking images of for improved results.

In fact, this new camera can now identify over 18 scenes to ensure you get the best shot every time.

Huawei P40 Pro release

Huawei P40 Pro features a new screen (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

There’s also some clever extras which can remove strangers who might have wandered into the back of your photos and reflections when taking images from behind glass.

If video is your speciality then the new 4K-capable cameras also include improved movie-making with super steady technology even working on long-range footage.

This should mean even when you’re zooming in from far away the image will look clearer and less shaky than what was capable on the P30 Pro.

But while Huawei has made some huge improvements to its cameras, it’s also making the display a huge focus of the new P40 series, too.

Both the P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ get a 6.58-inch quad-curve “Overflow Display” which, as the name suggests, bends around the edges of the phone to create an almost bezel-free appearance – the P40 gets a more standard 6.1-inch flat screen.

Huawei has also now included a 90Hz refresh rate which it claims offers the best balance of performance and battery life.

Huawei P40 Pro release

Huawei P40 Pro release (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

90Hz isn’t quite up to snuff with the Galaxy S20 series or the Oppo Find X2 Pro that both boast 120Hz panels. But Huawei is confident the P40 can match its rivals when it comes to screen quality. We’ll be the judge of that…

Under the hood, there’s Huawei’s latest Kirin 990 chipset which, along with being more powerful, also brings 5G data speeds to the P-series for the first time. That means you’ll be able to access blisteringly fast downloads when away from your fixed-line broadband.

Other extras include a 4,200mAh battery, dual-lens selfie camera, WiFi 6 download speeds and 40W wireless charging which, for reference, is faster than many rivals’ wired charging speeds.

Huawei has also increased the size and speed of its embedded fingerprint scanner which, it says, finally offers the same experience found on the older physical scanners that have been phased out of premium flagships in the last couple years.

Of course, despite all these amazing features and top-notch specs, there is one glaring issue with the P40 Pro.

Huawei P40 Pro

The P40 Pro gets a quad camera (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

That’s because there’s still no access to the Google suite of apps including the Play Store.

In a bid to convince consumers this isn’t a big deal, Huawei is making a huge song and dance about its own app store called the AppGallery.

The range of applications has been slowly growing on this Play Store rival with services such as TikTok and Snapchat now readily available.

However, if you want services like WhatsApp or Facebook, these have to be installed manually via the official websites which isn’t ideal and there’s still no access to staple Android apps such as Google Maps, Gmail or Google Photos which could be a huge turn-off.

One feature Huawei is keen to point out is its Phone Clone service which transfers all apps from your old Android phone to the new P40 Pro.

How well this works in real life remains to be seen but we’ll bring you more news on this in our upcoming review.

If none of that has put you off then the P40 range will be on sale soon with pricing expected later.

The P40 comes in three glossy finishes called Ice White, Black and Deep Sea Blue plus there’s new matt coatings called Silver Frost and Blush Gold

If you want the Pro+ then this arrives in black and a fancy ceramic white.

Published at Thu, 26 Mar 2020 13:30:00 +0000