Packing mistakes cruise-goers should avoid – don’t take these forbidden items

Packing mistakes cruise-goers should avoid – don’t take these forbidden items

Luckily, there are some mistakes that are made which can be easily avoided. A Royal Caribbean fan blog, dedicated to fans of the cruise line, have provided cruisers with their advice on packing and the mistakes that one should avoid when embarking on a cruise adventure.

“Luggage gets tossed around easily, and if something explodes, it can really mess things up. Consider getting TSA approved and leak proof containers, or simply put these items in a zip lock bag.”

Concerns about getting ill during a cruise are understandable for many – however the Royal Caribbean blog notes that it’s important to bring more than enough medicine required instead of bringing just enough for the duration of your trip.

“If you have medicine you need to take regularly, be sure to first and foremost bring enough not just for the duration of the cruise, but for a few days thereafter. You never know if you will encounter a travel delay.

They add: “In addition, be sure to keep your medicine in a carry-on bag. This guards against a lost bag creating a health issue with not having enough medicine.”

Other packing mistakes they advise cruisers to avoid include not unpacking soon enough, overpacking, forgetting a jacket, forgetting to leave out something to wear on the last day and forgetting formal wear.

“In the grand scheme of forgetting important pieces of clothing, I think forgetting formal wear, as well as clothing to wear out at night, is an easy one to overlook,’ the blog states.

“Despite the name, formal night isn’t that formal, but you do need clothing to wear that looks nice and is appropriate for the themed evenings of your cruise.

“Consult a past Cruise Compass for your ship and sailing to get an idea of what themed evenings will be offered, and pack accordingly.”

Abiding by cruise ships dress code is particularly important and it’s key for cruisers to check with their cruise line to see how strict they are when it comes to clothing.

For instance, Azamara Cruises encourage guests to stick to a laid back ‘Resort Casual’ dress code when on and about the cruise ship.

However, other cruise lines such as Cunard Cruises have much more formal dress code policies, implementing an ‘informal’ policy for daytime while ‘formal’ wear is required for evening time.

Cruise expert Adam Coulter, UK managing editor of Cruise Critic, told “A few ships have strict dress codes for its onboard dining halls, so it’s always important to check these before you sail.

“Usually bare feet, tank tops, baseball caps, bathing suits, shorts, and jeans are not allowed in the main dining room on any ship – except a few US ones.”

If cruise ship passengers refuse to obey dress code rules they may find themselves barred from entering. If you don’t comply, you simply won’t be able to enter.”

Published at Fri, 17 Jan 2020 12:15:00 +0000