Parking tickets: Are parking tickets suspended during lockdown?

Parking tickets: Are parking tickets suspended during lockdown?

A parking ticket, also referred to as a penalty charge notice (PCN), usually has to be paid within 28 days. However, if you pay within 14 days the fine is sometimes reduced.

Are parking tickets suspended during lockdown?

Traffic wardens are still in operation throughout the UK, meaning you can still get a parking ticket.

A PCN is issued by local authorities, who manage traffic and parking regulations.

However, some councils have relaxed their rules amid the lockdown, while others have suspended parking enforcements altogether.

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A parking ticket issued by the local council can be paid online via the governement’s website.

For other parking tickets, contact the ticket issuer for deadlines and payment methods.

Croydon Council in London became one of the latest councils to suspend parking charges amid the lockdown.

Drivers do not need to display permits or pay-and-display tickets but other enforcements will remain in place.

A council update read: “Safety restrictions including double yellow lines, disabled bays, parking on footways, blocking dropped kerbs, parking in bus stops and bus lanes, yellow box junctions, no right or left turn restrictions and one way streets will still be enforced.”

In other areas, such as Powys County Council in Wales, parking charges will not be waived.

Councillor Heulwen Hulme said: “It is acknowledged that people staying at home may put pressure on on-street parking, however it is not expected to be much different than a normal evening or weekend when most people are at home.

“Whatever the situation, people should still park responsibly and in accordance with the Highway Code.”

She added: “However, if there are areas where people are parking illegally, contravening the parking restrictions such as double yellow lines, then this can be brought to the attention of our parking team who can deploy the enforcement officers to target that parking. ”

The government confirmed last month that NHS and social care staff will be given free car parking during the coronavirus pandemic.

Published at Fri, 24 Apr 2020 18:51:00 +0000