Penny Mordaunt laughs in SNP MP’s face as he brands Boris’s Brexit deal ‘defrosted turkey’

Penny Mordaunt laughs in SNP MP’s face as he brands Boris’s Brexit deal ‘defrosted turkey’

The UK Government has been accused of “not caring” about the views of Scotland during Brexit negotiations. SNP MP Pete Wishart launched a scathing attack in the House of Commons as he claimed that the uncertainty surrounding the UK’s EU exit will negatively impact Scotland. Paymaster General Penny Mordaunt hit back at these claims, sparking a burst of laughter from Conservative MPs as she did so.

Mr Wishart said: “The oven-ready deal was, in fact, a barely defrosted turkey. We still don’t know whether it’s to be a low deal or a no deal.

“Even if it’s a low deal, it will cost every Scot £1600 and Scotland’s GDP will fall by 6.1 percent. What we do know is that Scotland rejected this whole miserable project.

“So will the minister concede that these negotiations have been nothing other than a shambles, that they simply don’t care about the repurcussions of a no deal, that the views of Scotland simply don’t matter?

“If this Government doesn’t care about the views of Scotland, why should Scotland endure this misery any longer?”

As she rose to respond to Mr Wishart, the Cabinet Minister could be heard laughing.

She joked: “I think the Honourable Gentleman has surpassed himself today.

“I have worked hard with Mike Russell and other colleagues in ensuring that their views are taken up by the negotiating team.

“Throughout the talks, the position has evolved to take up many aspects of what his colleagues have been asking for.”

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Published at Mon, 07 Dec 2020 16:11:00 +0000