Perfect World’s ‘healthy’ ice cream sales soar as customers seek no-guilt treats

Perfect World’s ‘healthy’ ice cream sales soar as customers seek no-guilt treats

In a UK market worth £1.1 billion with premium brands up eight percent, core customers of plant-based, vegan Perfect World have typically been weight-watchers, free-from and healthy eaters. Turnover is expected to be £600,000 plus this year for the company which produces in Cornwall and is stocked by Ocado in the UK. The latest record sales spike mirrors a similar uplift in the Netherlands where it sells through the Jumbo supermarket chain. 

Now appetites are becoming more adventurous, says founder Chris Conklin.

“People can’t go out and are searching for something special and nutritious. Good health awareness and indulgence have come together opening up opportunities for innovative, smaller brands.”

He started the business a decade ago in a bid to make healthier puddings for his children and worked with Reading University to develop recipes that could be produced commercially.

Perfect World, £4.49 a tub, contains stevia, a zero calorie plant sweetener and is fortified with 12 vitamins. Mint Choc Chip flavour is currently its best-seller.   

“Our research found customers prefer no-added, rather than reduced, sugar and more vitamins and fibre,” adds Conklin. 

With some £1 million investment raised so far, from friends, angel backers and crowd-funders, Perfect World’s plans for this year include new recipe formulations, specifically family friendly products and expansion into Nordic countries. 

Published at Sun, 24 May 2020 09:00:00 +0000