Piers Morgan confronts ‘broken record’ Alastair Campbell for spouting a ‘load of c***’

Piers Morgan confronts ‘broken record’ Alastair Campbell for spouting a ‘load of c***’

Mr Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds declared last night they are engaged and are expecting a baby in the early summer. The conflict between Good Morning Britain host Mr Morgan and Tony Blairs former spin doctor Mr Campbell came after is was claimed his announcement was made to try and “bury bad news”. Earlier on Saturday a senior Home Office civil servant resigned over claims he was bullied by Home Secretary Priti Patel.

BBC Radio 4 presenter Paul Waugh posted on Twitter: “The PM wouldn’t be so cynical to try and bury bad news (Patel/Rutnam) with, er, good news? Surely not.”

Mr Campbell was Downing Street Press Secretary for Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, previously working as his spokesman and campaign director.

He responded to Mr Waugh on Twitter: “The press has known for ages. No such restraint when Cherie was pregnant.

“No such kindness either re the total indifference to the floods. Poor kid is what I think.”

Ryan Corbett commented: “Piers Morgan, are you going to take that from this clown?”

Another Twitter user posted: “The content of Alastair Campbell’s tweet is about as convincing as the content of his dodgy dossier.”

Peter Karpati said: “One of you still forms public opinion, the other one merely reacts to it.

“No need to throw out your toys Mr Campbell.”

Annette Marsden asked if it was the real Alastair Campbell posting.

She added: “If so how unprofessional is he?”

Clare K condemned Mr Campbell for his comments toward Mr Johnson and Ms Symonds’ announcement.

She wrote: “‘Poor kid’ – what a disgusting thing to say to an expectant mother.”

The Twitter user branded Mr Campbell as a “tireless purveyor of spitefulness and hate”.

Natalie Paddick added: “How low do you have to go? Bringing an unborn child into your endless bitter vitriol?”

Published at Sun, 01 Mar 2020 10:20:00 +0000