Piers Morgan infuriates GMB viewers as he rages at Dr Hilary: ‘Turning this s**t off’

Piers Morgan infuriates GMB viewers as he rages at Dr Hilary: ‘Turning this s**t off’

Good Morning Britain was back with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid hosting and the former lost his temper when he argued with Dr Hilary Jones about the treatment of those in care homes and the lack of testing for the elderly and vulnerable. Fans were angered to see the ITV host turn on the doctor, who has been keeping viewers up to date with the latest medical advice and insisted they would “switch over”.

Piers began: “The Health Secretary, ‘We’re prepared, we’re ready, we’ve got all the tests prepared, ready.’

“Nothing, even now there are 400,000 people in care homes, I think 5,000 apparently have been tested, 5,000.

“Yet everyday they boast about their capacity, 80-90,000, it’s never anymore than the 100,000 than it should have been, that they promised.

“But actually it’s only 60 odd thousand people yesterday so there’s 30,000 tests that aren’t being used.

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Why don’t you go test people in care homes that are dying? They haven’t organised this.

“It’s ridiculous that there are 30,000 unused tests a day when we have so few people being tested in care homes where everyone is dying.”

As Dr Hilary jumped in to give his opinion, the pair clashed over the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis. 

Dr Hilary jumped in: “There’s another side to the care home argument which nobody’s really talked about.

“If you ask people living in care homes were they would rather be treated, 95 percent will say they would rather be treated in the care home than an aggressive hospital environment.”

“Of course but Hilary that’s not the question,” Piers replied.

“It’s not about where they would rather be, it’s about before you send them back to a care home, have you tested them to check they’re negative?

“Because if you haven’t then you’re sending an elderly person into a home full of elderly vulnerable people, the very people the virus most wants to kill.”

“I understand that and hopefully care homes can isolate those patients knowing they have Covid,” Dr Hilary hit back.

“Right now they know they are taking patients with Covid-19 positive tests and trying to isolate them because they have the nursing, they have the clinical setting where nurses can look after them.”

As Dr Hilary spoke, Piers continually talked over him, shouting: “Hilary we’re in the middle of May! I get it!”

“Residential care homes on the other hand are much more vulnerable because they don’t have the clinical setting and nurses have been redeployed elsewhere,” Dr Hilary continued.

But Piers interrupted again, adding: “Right, I get it, I get all that you’re saying. This was declared a global health emergency on January 30, the Health Secretary a few days before that said we are prepared for this coronavirus, we’ve got a great test, a great system, we’re ready.

“Yet here we are in the middle of May, 22,000 people have died in care homes.”

“I’m not defending those statements or the fact that we weren’t prepared, we weren’t prepared, we didn’t have the tests,” Dr Hilary replied.

“We had an NHS that was worried we were on a war footing and didn’t have clinical capacity in hospitals and therefore had to make decisions about where people were treated.”

Piers interrupted once more to exclaim: “You know what I would admire them more if they just admitted all that, if they just said, ‘You know what, we dropped the ball.’”

Taking to Twitter to comment on their clash, one viewer remarked: “#PiersMorgan can’t get any guests on his show so has started shouting at Dr Hillary.. am turning this sh*t off..#gmb.”

Another added: “#GMB switch over time. @GMB Piers will drive your viewers away, in time. Give him a chill pill..Get the doctor to check his blood pressure.”

“#GMB @piersmorgan resorting to shouting at Dr hillary as no one else will go on the show…. Keep nodding @susannareid100,” a third commented.

Someone else posted: “How long before the likes of DrH refuse to come on #GMB because of Piers constantly talking over them?”

“@piersmorgan Shut up a minute, Dr Hilary is trying to answer your questions and you are even talking over him. No wonder the Government won’t let you interview anybody. #GMB,” a fifth posted.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am. 

Published at Thu, 14 May 2020 06:58:00 +0000