Piers Morgan sparks co-host’s concern over ‘breathless’ GMB appearance: ‘Need to worry?’

Piers Morgan sparks co-host’s concern over ‘breathless’ GMB appearance: ‘Need to worry?’

Good Morning Britain viewers were distraught earlier this year when host Piers Morgan announced he had come down with supposed symptoms of COVID-19 on Twitter. While the ITV presenter was taken off the show briefly, he was eventually tested and cleared of any coronavirus fears. This morning’s edition of the show saw him discussing this with his co-host Susanna Reid and health expert Dr Hilary Jones.

The discussion surrounded hayfever, and whether the anecdotally rising cases may have inadvertently had something to do with coronavirus.

He explained when he came down with symptoms he was “getting breathless and developed a cough”.

During the chat, Piers let out a little cough as he continued to make his point.

Meanwhile, Dr Hilary explained that, perhaps, hayfever was on the rise because of the dropping levels of pollution.

“I’m spending a lot more time walking through my local park – I’m doing it every day.

“So I’m probably exposing myself to a lot more pollen than I normally would.”

He added: “And when the pollen count is up as it is…” Susanna finished the sentence, saying: “It’s a recipe for trouble!”

Piers was of course cleared of any coronavirus fears shortly after he announced his symptoms on Twitter.

While Piers did spark some fears about his health during the latter part of the show, earlier in the day he was eager to make his point heard about Dominic Cummings.

During the lockdown, Cummings travelled across the country breaking the lockdown procedures.

Because of this Piers slammed the politician, condemning his actions.

He told his viewers: “What Dominic Cummings has almost singlehandedly done, is he’s destroyed the lockdown.

“By doing what he did, refusing to even apologise, refusing to admit that anything that he did was wrong,

“Even though none of us could do what he did, at the time that he did it.

“By doing that, he has destroyed the lockdown. He has destroyed the trust in the government.”

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Published at Mon, 01 Jun 2020 06:48:00 +0000