Pirates of the Caribbean 6 producer SPEAKS OUT on Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow role

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 producer SPEAKS OUT on Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow role

Johnny Depp has starred as Captain Jack Sparrow across five swashbuckling adventures based on the famous Disneyland ride. But as Disney begins to plan Pirates of the Caribbean 6, fans have been wondering if Jack Sparrow will even feature at all. After all, rumours are abounding of a female-led spin-off without the beloved pirate.

But now Pirates of the Caribbean 6 producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who has produced all five movies in the billion-dollar franchise to date, has given an update.

Speaking with Collider, the 76-year-old said: “We’re working on a draft right now,

“And hopefully we’ll get it shortly and give it to Disney and hopefully they’ll like it.

“We don’t know. We’ve been working on it for a little bit.”

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By the sounds of it, this Pirates movie could well be the one The DisInsider’s source was talking about.

A spin-off focused on a female swashbuckler, likely being Redd.

Fans will know the red-haired pirate from the Disneyland ride.

Meanwhile, that report claimed that Avengers Endgame and Jumanji’s Karen Gillan was at the top of the list to star.

They also said how it was unlikely that Depp’s Sparrow would feature.

However, Bruckheimer saying, “the one we’re developing right now” may suggest another Pirates film could be in development.

Movie insider and film editor Vahn tweeted last week how a female-led Pirates movie could be a spin-off for now, which Sparrow could cameo in.

While, the actual Pirates 6 could be made later starring Depp once again, with Redd crossing over with him.

They tweeted: “The sixth film would be a direct continuation from ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ [Salazar’s Revenge in UK] and it’s to be the finale with a massive scale conclusion.

“Kaya Scodelario is contracted to return. Terry Rossio completed the screenplay.”

“Disney could go both ways; soft reboot the franchise and continue the 6th film, while blending both in the same universe.

“Or Disney moves ahead with a fresh reboot with a clean slate and timeline. I’ve heard that both have been discussed.”

Published at Fri, 15 May 2020 08:14:00 +0000