Pokemon Go Mamoswine NEWS: Final Community Day update and Sinnoh Stone reveal

Pokemon Go Mamoswine NEWS: Final Community Day update and Sinnoh Stone reveal

Pokemon Go Trainers will be able to unlock a special exclusive move during the upcoming Community Day event.

And Niantic just confirmed what will be available to those who go through the trouble of evolving Swinub into Mamoswine, via Piloswine.

Unlike past Community Day celebrations, February’s event will include the first Pokemon that will require a Sinnoh Stone to unlock the exclusive move.

And that has led to Niantic changing the rewards available during the event that will be hosted on February 16.

It has now been confirmed that evolving a Swinub into a Mamoswine will unlock the Ancient Power move.

Ancient Power being the chosen move doesn’t appear to have been greatly received by the community day but does make sense within the context of the chosen Pocket Monster.

“It already has the best Ice move and will be by far the best Ice type.

“Bulldoze is about on par with Earthquake and makes it the only decent gym/raid attacker with a 2-bar Ground move, and it wouldn’t have access to Drill Run or Dig anyways.

“Already the best in one type, second best in another type with nothing that could really be done to surpass Groudon, it doesn’t need a move that makes it stand out even more. I’ll gladly take my time to evolve them after the window.

“They could have added a whole new move, but if Ground type were to get a worthwhile new move I’d like to see it spread out a bit, not exclusive to one for a while.”

Trainers will, of course, be out in large numbers trying to catch as many Swinubs as possible so that they can add a shiny version to their collection too.

And there will also be another bonus that Pokemon Go fans will be interested in stocking up on, the new Gen 4 Sinnoh Stones.

Required to unlock certain Gen 4 evolutions, the Sinnoh Stone will be part of February’s Community Day bonuses.

A total of ten Sinnoh Stones will be available to earn during the three-hour event, five from Trainer Battles and the others through battling the Team Leaders.

And while Sinnoh Stones have become easier to collect in 2019, there’s no doubt that Trainers will take the opportunity to collect as many en masse as possible.

Lures will last for the duration of the event, so it’s worth saving any spare you might have.

It’s also good news if you’re low on Stardust for those Pokemon trades. You’ll get triple the Stardust for every catch, but only during Community Day hours.

Needless to say, fans will also be able to capture a shiny Swinub during Community Day.

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