Police conduct roadside ‘checkpoints’ to determine whether drivers are following lockdown

Police conduct roadside ‘checkpoints’ to determine whether drivers are following lockdown

Police officers in Carmarthenshire have confirmed they will conduct “checkpoints” throughout the new lockdown to spy on road users. Officers were seen parked up on the side of the road before asking each driver where they were going to determine if the journey was essential.

The government confirmed that road users were unable to visit their second homes with accommodation businesses also required to close.

The statement added: “People travelling from an exempt county or territory need a reasonable excuse to enter and remain in Wales and must follow the firebreak regulations.

“Travelling within Wales for a holiday is not one of the permitted reasons to travel under the Regulations.

“It is also not a reasonable excuse to travel to the rest of the UK for a holiday during the firebreak period.”

The Government confirmed that drivers will still need a valid MOT certificate to drive meaning tests can go ahead.

Police in England have also been seen patrolling roads around Wales to encourage road users to not enter the country,

However Gloucester Constabulary has confirmed that offices “cannot issue fines” for those travelling from Wales.

Instead, officers can pass their details onto Welsh police forces who can consider a fine for breaking local restrictions.

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire Constabulary said: “While we cannot issue fines to those travelling from Wales into the county, we can inform the host force of those we stop about what has happened so they can take action.

“Officers will be running an operation over the weekend that will cover routes from Wales into the Forest of Dean and if we stop someone travelling from Wales we will be engaging with them to find out why, explaining the legislation and encouraging them to turn around if we are not satisfied with their explanation.

“If they don’t turn around we will then inform the force that polices the area they have travelled from so that they can issue a fine.”

Published at Mon, 26 Oct 2020 08:50:00 +0000