Police officers ‘using their brains’ with ‘ingenuous’ and ‘sensible’ new enforcement tool

Police officers ‘using their brains’ with ‘ingenuous’ and ‘sensible’ new enforcement tool

Police officers have been congratulated by motoring lawyer Nick Freeman for implementing an “ingenious” and “sensible” method of reducing road danger. Staffordshire Police revealed they have caught almost 100 offenders using a specially adapted Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) to spy on road users. 

In total 96 offences were recorded over a one week period with ten motorists caught using their phones behind the wheel. 

Two motorists were caught not wearing a seatbelt while one driver was stopped for not being in control of his car after cleaning his dashboard while travelling. 

A range of penalties were handed out to motorists including enforcement teams issuing on the spot fires and even seizing cars. 

Under some extreme circumstances motorists were offered court summons while others were given a chance to get their car repaired. 

Sion Hathaway, spokesperson for the Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) said: “Highways England’s HGV gives us an advantage because it allows us to look into both normal cars and those higher up so we can see what drivers are doing, whether they’re wearing a seatbelt or if they’re using their phone.

“All of this enforcement activity is about keeping people safe on the roads, not catching them out.”

Nick Freeman has urged for officers to introduce more HGV supercabs across the country to aid in law enfoprecmetg. 

However to save costs he has urged officers to use local bus networks as unique way to catch out offenders

He has suggested road police could simply sit on the top deck and make a note of any offenders for later prosecution. 

He predicted the technique would see police pick up on “loads” of mobile phone offenders which would later be fined. 

He told Express.co.uk: “I think they should be across the road network but not just HGV vans. 

“Police officers should sit at the top levels of double decker buses which is an awful lot cheaper. 

“You imagine how many people a police officer discreetly sitting on the top level of the bus. You wouldn’t need to hire a cab, just sit there, you’ll get a free ticket and you’ll get loads and loads of drivers on their mobile phones. 

“It’s just a case of collating evidence, you’ve got the registration, you’ve got their action, it would be videoed and they would get a notice through the post.”

Published at Tue, 16 Jun 2020 13:43:00 +0000