Police should fire BATON ROUNDS at coronavirus curfew breakers says ex-police chief

Police should fire BATON ROUNDS at coronavirus curfew breakers says ex-police chief

Kevin Hurley, who served in both the Metropolitan and City of London police forces, made the controversial suggestion on Iain Dale’s LBC radio show. Britain has been on lockdown since Monday, with people being urged to only leave the house to buy food/medicine, exercise once a day and go to work if this can’t be done from home.

However there are concerns some people are not following these rules, meaning tougher measures will need to be introduced.

On Friday Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock tested positive for coronavirus.

It was also announced the virus killed another 181 people in the UK, the highest daily total.

In India footage has emerged of police beating people who violate the country’s curfew with sticks.


Police should fire baton rounds at people violating lock down according to a former officer (Image: GETTY)


Police dispersing a group of people in Glasgow (Image: GETTY)

Mr Hurley suggested similar tactics might have to be introduced in Britain.

He said: “I’m moved by what I’m seeing in India where police are literally beating anyone on the street with long sticks.

“Now this may sound absurd, but my experiences with dealing with the street in London, you can’t even properly police many of the estates.

“I think we’re talking about warning people, potentially issuing them a fine.

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Police officers patrol the streets of locked down Britain (Image: GETTY)

“If they don’t comply, because you don’t want to touch them, taser them on the spot.

“If they still don’t comply, fire baton rounds at them.

“If they still don’t comply, fire something else at them that makes them comply permanently because we’re talking about thousands of people dying.

“This isn’t a joke any more.”


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Police enforce the Government’s lock down (Image: GETTY)


The Excel centre in London is being converted into a hospital (Image: GETTY)

Baton rounds, also known as plastic bullets, can cause serious injuries including blindness in one eye.

They are occasionally used in Northern Ireland, but not in other parts of the UK.

Any use in the rest of the country would likely infuriate civil liberties campaigners.

Italy announced 919 coronavirus deaths on Friday, the most for a 24 hour period.

In total 9,134 people have been killed by the virus in the country, the worst affected in Europe.

Britain has seen 759 coronavirus deaths, with a total of 14,543 confirmed cases.

However the real number of cases is believed to be significantly higher, as only limited testing has taken place.


Britain has been on lock down since the beginning of the week (Image: GETTY)

After announcing his infection on Twitter Mr Johnson said: “I’m working from home and self-isolating and that’s entirely the right thing to do.

“But, be in no doubt that I can continue, thanks to the wizardry of modern technology, to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight-back against coronavirus.”

Carrie Symonds, Mr Johnson’s fiancé, is also self-isolating.

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