President Biden drives Ford’s new electric truck and tells reporter 'I’ll step on it'

President Biden drives Ford’s new electric truck and tells reporter 'I’ll step on it'

Ford unexpectedly revealed its all-new highly anticipated model during a visit from the President as part of his tour of Ford’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Centre. Mr Biden joked he would love to drive the electric car if he could “lose the Secret Service”.

Former Nevada GOP chairwoman Amy Tarkanian said the comment was “unbecoming” of the nation’s leader.

She said: “Joe Biden just threatened to run a reporter over with a car for wanting to ask a question about Israel.

‘If President Trump had done this, he would have been impeached. Jokingly or not, this rhetoric is completely unbecoming of the President.”

The new electric F-15- 0 is almost identical to the model’s current internal combustion engine model.

However, there are some small details that help separate the classic F-150 from the new fully electric design.

The new model has some unique exterior styling such as a closed-off grille and a light bar across the front of the vehicle.

The new car appeared to be the same size as the original but was smoother and more aerodynamic.

After his test drive, Mr Biden said the future of the United States automotive industry was electric.

He said China was “leading” the electric car race but this would not continue under the President’s watch.

He said: “Right now, China is leading in this race.

“They will not win this race. We will not let them.”

He added: “Folks, the rest of the world is moving fast, or moving ahead.

“They’re not waiting for the United States of America. Government, labour and industry working together have to step up and we have a playbook that will work.”

Published at Wed, 19 May 2021 08:55:00 +0000