Prince Charles ‘could test the patience of crew’ while on tour reveals royal source

Prince Charles ‘could test the patience of crew’ while on tour reveals royal source

Prince Charles, 70, is a familiar face at home in the UK and overseas, as the heir to the throne with his mother Queen Elizabeth II the reigning monarch. The Queen, 93, is the UK’s longest-serving monarch and today, her eldest son became the first member of the royal family to hold the title of Prince of Wales – first in line to the throne – in a celebration of his investiture. The dad of two has undertaken many royal excursions overseas to promote the monarchy. He has travelled with his first wife, the sadly deceased Princess Diana, as well as wife Camilla Parker-Bowles and also solo.

Yet when he was younger, the prince often accompanied the Queen and husband, Prince Philip, abroad.

Royal biographer Robert Hardman has told of the Prince’s very cheeky side when on a daily to Canada, on board the Royal Yacht, Britannia.

In his new book, Queen of the World, Robert detailed the drama and wrote: “The Prince could test the patience of some of the crew, however.

“En route to the Isle of Man, he kicked his football over the side and asked his Sea Daddy if he could get it back.

“The request was passed up to Vice Admiral Abel Smith, who agreed it might be a useful exercise in seamanship to lower a boat to retrieve it.

“The Prince regarded this as enormous fun and, soon afterwards, cheekily kicked his ball over the side once more. He never saw it again.”

Luckily, despite the prince’s playful behaviour, the tour itself was hailed a “success.”

Meanwhile, in a completely incident, Prince Harry and Prince William’s father made a touching remark to his then wife, Princess Diana on a royal excursion.

During their time as husband and wife they visited many states to represent Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal family.

This included a long-haul trip to Australia yet, it was during a visit to India, where the Prince of Wales made a poignant comment about his wife.

In her book, Queen Elizabeth in our times, author Sarah Bradford detailed his touching sentiment when visiting the country’s epic monument, the Taj Mahal.

She followed up with a comment on the irony of the situation where Diana posed for a picture in the same spot as her then husband had, in a particularly thoughtful pose, in 1992.

She wrote of Charles’ behaviour: “Charles himself had given a hostage to fortune when, at the same site eight years earlier, he had declared that one day he would like to bring his wife there.”

It appears Charles kept true to his word, with the pair both heading to India in 1992.

Today additionally marks the the 58th Birthday of the late Princess Diana, who was killed in a tragic car crash in 1997.

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