Prince Charles opts for specific ski resort to avoid certain ‘sort of people’

Prince Charles opts for specific ski resort to avoid certain ‘sort of people’

Prince Charles, 72, learned to ski as a teenager with his father Prince Philip. Since then, the winter sport has become a favourite leisure activity of his and one he has passed on to his sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

Of course, being a royal he does not enjoy the type of ski holiday your average traveller might jet off on.

Instead, most frequently he spends his time at the luxurious resort of Kloster in Switzerland.

According to royal experts speaking in Channel 5 documentary The Royals on Holiday, there is one specific reason why Prince Charles opts for this resort.

Travel expert Simon Calder explained: “The royals love high-end skiing resorts because they know they are not going to meet the sort of people who stick a smartphone in their face and demand a selfie.

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Along with avoiding normal citizens, skiing also offers the Royal Family an opportunity for a certain level of anonymity.

Camilla Tominey, associate editor of the Daily Telegraph added: “There’s one reason why the royals really enjoy skiing because if they’ve got masks and helmets on them no one can see them and they can go about the slopes larger unbothered.

“Yes, they have to take their bodyguards with them.

“One thing that is interesting over the last few years is you have to have bodyguards who can ski.”

In fact, in recent years Klosters has even been dubbed “Hollywood on the Rocks”.

“Klosters was once upon a time an ordinary alpine village,” explained Mr Calder.

“Now it is home to some of the best restaurants in Europe and ski chalets where a week’s rental is roughly a normal person’s annual wages.

“It is a place that appeals of course to the Hollywood a-listers.

“People like Renée Zellweger and indeed Bono, I understand, is a fan.”

Published at Wed, 17 Mar 2021 14:19:00 +0000