Prince Charles: Princess Diana HATED this about Prince of Wales’ travels without her

Prince Charles: Princess Diana HATED this about Prince of Wales’ travels without her

Prince Charles’s marriage to Princess Diana is said to have begun falling apart in 1985, according to author Kitty Kelley in her book The Royals. The former royal couple are said to have begun arguing not just behind closed doors but also in front of the servants. “[Charles] blamed Diana for the open warfare because she had started to talk back,” said Kelley. Among other complaints, Diana is said to have taken umbrage with Prince Charles going on trips, accusing him of wanting to get away from her.

“Usually restrained in public, the Princess let loose in private,” the author said.

“She railed about her husband’s ’toadying’ friends, his preoccupation with polo, his dinner parties with ‘boring old men who smell of cigars,’ and his solitary trips to fish and paint and ski.

“She said his excursions were simply excuses to get away from her.”

Four years earlier, on Charles’ and Diana’s honeymoon, the relationship had not been much sweeter. 

According to Kelly, Diana and Charles packed very different items in their suitcases for their honeymoon.

The Princess of Wales packed “a green bikini bathing suit that Charles liked, six satin lace teddys and several sheer nightgowns.”

Her new husband, however, apparently had different honeymoon activities in mind.

Kelly said he packed fishing tackle, a book on parapsychology and five scholarly books.

One crew member, seaman Philip Benjamin, was quoted by Kelly in her book. “I remember [Diana] coming out of the royal suite one afternoon in a filmy white negligee with a pink satin bow at the bosom, which was untied and open. She was trying to lure the Prince away from his books.

“‘Chulls,’ she said in a sexy singsong, ‘come here and do your duty.’ He was reading in a deckchair and she wanted him to go inside and produce an heir.

“I was standing guard a few feet away and looked straight ahead. She giggled when she realised I had heard her, but she was unembarrassed.

“She just kept teasing Charles to go to bed with her. She teased him a lot.”

Before both Diana and Camilla, Charles was once spotted with model who was captured with Charles in 1979 when he was on a royal tour of Australia before he married Diana in 1981.

Named Jane Priest, the Australian beauty famously ran up to Charles while he was jogging on Cottesloe Beach in Perth. h

Breaking with all royal rules, Jane gave Charles a kiss on the cheek and was seen with her arms around the Prince.

Charles was clearly taken by surprise at the model’s actions but kept an arm around her as they spoke, as footage shows.

“It was a PR thing to make Charles more accessible,” she told the London Evening Standard.

She explained that when she ran over to him, she put her hand on his chest.

Charles, however, made it clear that he wasn’t allowed to either touch or kiss her, due to royal protocol.

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