Prince Edward heartbreak: Royal’s update on Prince Philip health amid event snubs exposed

Prince Edward heartbreak: Royal’s update on Prince Philip health amid event snubs exposed

The Queen and Philip‘s youngest child opened up regarding the topic after he claimed the Duke of Edinburgh would have to say “no” to some organisations who ask him to attend events. Prince Philip, now 98, and his health have become a concerning point for some royal observers and in recent years he has understandably taken a step back from his roles. However, his wife continues to lead the monarchy – even if Philip is no longer at her side as much as she would like.

But discussing the topic of his father’s health in May 2017, Edward admitted that Philip won’t “completely disappear” but would “hopefully do more of what he enjoys”.

Speaking to the Royal Family Channel, Edward said: “I don’t believe he is going to be putting his feet up completely and disappearing into the background and never being seen again.

“He picks and chooses what he wants to do, and how he is going to do it, and what’s sensible, and what’s practical.

“So I don’t think we’ll see him completely disappear, but I think he’s just making it absolutely clear to organisations to come around and ask him to do things and expect him to say yes because the answer is going to be no.

“And hopefully he can enjoy more of what he enjoys doing.”

He then discussed how important his father’s role was within the monarchy and how Philip would be remembered.

Philip’s renowned across the world for his quick wit and human touch when meeting people, regularly making those he meets feel at ease and in fits of giggles.

Reflecting on his legacy, Edward added: “It’s been years of the most staggering service and the number of organisations and associations – and all the other people that he has helped along the way – he has always been immensely helpful and jolly.

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He was treated at King Edward VII Hospital, in London, for an infection which came as a result of a previous condition.

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said that Prince Charles – Edward’s eldest sibling – would accompany his mother the Queen to a session of Parliament.

At the time, Charles said of his father’s condition: “He’s getting better. He’s getting better.”

The BBC’s royal correspondent Peter Hunt added: “Given that he is being treated for a pre-existing condition, it is safe to assume that he is suffering from a reoccurrence of a bladder infection that laid him low on two occasions in 2012.

“He is not bedridden, according to officials, but up and about inside the private hospital.

“Philip’s current good mood may be tested if, as was the case five years ago, he remains an in-patient for several days.”

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