Prince Harry and Meghan HUMILIATED the Queen: Angry backlash at ‘complete disrespect’

Prince Harry and Meghan HUMILIATED the Queen: Angry backlash at ‘complete disrespect’

But two-thirds of those questioned by OnePoll said the couple were discourteous to go public before informing the Queen or the Prince of Wales. Consequently, 80 percent think the public should stop funding their lifestyle when they finally step back. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have lost sympathy with 43 percent of the 2,000 people questioned.

This is split roughly equally between those who think of themselves as royalists and those who do not.

Seven in 10 agree taxpayers should stop funding the couple’s heavy security detail.

Almost as many want them to repay the £2.4million used to renovate Frogmore Cottage, their Grade II-listed Windsor home.

The new crisis has seen their individual popularity sink.

The Queen enjoys an approval rating of 35.25 percent.

But Harry’s popularity at home has fallen to 8.45 percent while just 2.65 percent approve of Meghan, according to the poll.

The findings were largely echoed by people the Daily Express spoke to around the country yesterday.

Retired Carol Haigh, 72, from Leeds, said she thinks the couple have been “completely disrespectful”, adding: “The family deserved to be told first at the very least.

“The Queen must be devastated.”

Amber Jones, 21, a support worker from Whitstable, Kent, said of the Sussexes’ plans to live partly in North America: “Her family is there too, so it is only right they spend their time there.”

Dog behaviourist Siobhan Bale, 40, Glastonbury, Somerset, agreed with the Sussexes’ decision.

She said: “I think good on them. They are looking for a normal life.”

But she added of Prince Harry: “He shouldn’t be paid quite so much if he is demoting himself.

Retired Helen Toogood, 71, from Bristol, also backed the Duke and Duchess, saying: “I think they’re right.

“It’s their personal choice and I don’t feel like they have a place in the Royal Family at the moment.”

But student Martha Weatherall, 20, from Dumfries, criticised Meghan, saying: “She knew what she was signing up for.

“I think she has disrespected the Royal Family and our traditions.”

Helen Gleed, 54, a carer also from Bristol, said: “They say they are going to finance themselves, so it’s not our business.” But she added: “There’s no reason they can’t pay for their security.”

Published at Sat, 25 Jan 2020 00:01:00 +0000