Prince Harry ‘wants revenge on William’ expert claims: ‘He could never do as well as him’

Prince Harry ‘wants revenge on William’ expert claims: ‘He could never do as well as him’

Angela said: “He’s enjoying himself now, I think he feels strong and powerful.

“Don’t forget he’s always been the spare to the heir and don’t forget he can’t do as well as William because William is going to be king.

“And I think he wants to get revenge and I’ve seen in the last few months he’s got a lot stronger, more demanding. 

“When they were unveiling the statue of his late mother in Kensington Palace Gardens – he refused to come unless they agree to certain things that they didn’t necessarily want.”

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Angela replied: “Well, he’s often looked extremely unhappy and I think his main goal is to keep Meghan happy, which is fair enough, a husband wants to please his wife, nothing wrong with that. 

“But her demands are very high and it’s quite hard. So I think one reason why he lied in the Oprah Winfrey interview, when he agreed with Meghan, that they got married three days before the actual wedding. 

“Megan has got a slight excuse that she wouldn’t know that in this country, you have to have two witnesses, you have to be in a certain place, you can’t just go into any old room and get married.

“Whereas Harry, absolutely does and he said, ‘Yes, there was just the three of us, the Archbishop Megan and I,’ so I think he will go a long way to please her and that’s a real example.”

“What worries me is that the ruder he is, the easier it is for him to carry on being more rude if you see what I mean and say more things and get people more upset about it,” Angela said. 

“Why do we care? We’ve heard so much from this man over the last two years. God knows what he’s got to say about his life. Does anyone really care what he’s got to say?” Darren asked. 

“Well, it’s his genetic pain perhaps that is still running through his veins and he wants to get rid of. More and more there seems a lot coming, and he’s seen a very good reaction to it,” she answered. 

“I think it’s a tragedy that he wants to be the real bad boy, he’d said to me when he went to Eton he wants to be a bad boy and now he wants to be a bad grown up, and I think it’s a way of getting publicity which they’re both after all the time.”

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Published at Tue, 20 Jul 2021 08:53:00 +0000