Prince Louis’ first words were influenced by hilarious ‘obsession’ with THIS TV star

Prince Louis’ first words were influenced by hilarious ‘obsession’ with THIS TV star

The British food writer, chef and television presenter is said to be the young royal’s favourite TV personality. Despite only being two years old, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s son is said to be “obsessed” with the Great British Bake Off host.

He also reportedly loves the famous chef’s recipes, with the Very Chocolate Cake, Plum Crumble and fruit scone among his favourites.

Speaking to the Sun, a source said: “Prince Louis likes nothing better than to check on Mary Berry cookbooks.

“He loves the pictures, points out all the things he wants to eat, with The Very Chocolate Cake, Plum Crumble seeming to be hot favourites, and fruit scones being a must.

“Whenever he sees Mary on the television, he whoops and claps his hands.”

His mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, revealed in December that one of the youngster’s earliest words was “Mary”.

Kate revealed the interesting fact while speaking to Mary Berry on BBC special A Berry Royal Christmas.

She said: “One of Louis’s first words was ‘Mary’ because right at his height are all my cooking books in the kitchen bookshelf.

“And children are really fascinated by faces and your faces are all over your cooking books and he would say, ‘That’s Mary Berry!’”

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Kate also showed little fragments of family life, such as the family using Ms Berry’s recipes to make pizza, which the children “loved”.

Asked by Ms Berry if she cooked with her children, she replied: “Yes, I really enjoy it. Again, for them to be creative, for them to try and be as independent as possible with it.”

Prince William also spoke to Ms Berry on the TV show and told her about his relationship with his mother, the late Princess Diana, and how it shaped the way he acts with his own children.

Speaking at homelessness charity The Passage, in London, Prince William said the centre was one of the first places in which he attended an royal engagement and it had had a “profound impact” on him.

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“My mother knew what she was doing with it,” he said.

“She realised that it was very important when you grow up – especially in the life that we grew up – that you realise that life happens beyond palace walls, and that you see real people struggling with real issues.”

He added that Princess Diana “liked to challenge the social norms about charities and about disadvantages and vulnerable people”.

He also said that Prince George and Princess Charlotte would ask him about the world while he took them to their south-London school.

He said: “On the school run – I know it sounds a little bit contrite – but on the school run already, bear in mind six and four (George and Charlotte’s age), whenever we see someone who is sleeping rough on the street I talk about it and I point it out and I explain.”

Louis, who is fifth in line to the throne, is the youngest sibling in the Cambridge family.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told OK!: “Louis dotes on his older brother and sister and is always trying to keep up with them.

“He’s talking lots now and is holding his own.

“He’s got quite an outgoing personality from what I’ve been told. He’s certainly not shy.”

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