Prince Philip birthday: The Queen and Prince Philip reach a new milestone during lockdown

Prince Philip birthday: The Queen and Prince Philip reach a new milestone during lockdown

The royal couple were pictured yesterday at Windsor Castle ahead of the Duke of Edinburgh’s 99th birthday today. Another iconic photograph of the couple at Windsor shows them with Sugar, one of the royal corgis more than 60 years ago in 1959.

Despite having been married for over 70 years, the Duke has been spending time at Wood Farm in the Sandringham estate since his retirement in 2017, while the Queen usually resides at Buckingham Palace or Windsor.

The Duke made sure he travelled back to Windsor to be reunited with the Queen ahead of lockdown on March 19.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine, said: “This must be the longest they’ve been under the same roof for many years, I would say.

“But it’s an opportunity for them in their later years to reconnect.”

He added: “It is the perfect royal cocooning.”

The so-called Operation HMS Bubble saw the Queen and the Duke’s staff board reduced to some 20 employees to ensure their safety.

Mr Little said that the couple are likely having lunch or dinner together each day while doing their individual activities the rest of the day.

Prince Philip likes to read, write and paint in his spare time.

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“The Queen is much less confrontational so I suppose they are opposites in many ways but clearly the chemistry has worked for them as they are now in the 73rd year of marriage so that itself is quite remarkable.”

Mr Little added that the royal couple had said tolerance is key to their joyful marriage.

“As they have said publicly at times of wedding anniversaries, it’s tolerance in abundance and plenty of patience as well,” Mr Little said.

“I suppose for them perhaps it’s always been a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder.

“They would go through periods of not really seeing much of each other.”

He added: “They will make a fuss of him on Wednesday, as much as you can make a fuss of the Duke of Edinburgh.”

The Queen and Prince Philip met in the summer of 1939 at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, while she was sill Princess Elizabeth.

At only 13 years old, the Queen was visiting her parents King George Vi and Queen Elizabeth when she met 18-year-old Philip.

They kept in touch and had several encounters since then, including when Philip spent Christmas with the Royal Family at Windsor in 1943.

By the end of the war, newspapers were already theorising about a possible romance, but it was not until the princess turned 21 that their engagement was announced.

Philip renounced to his Greek royal title in February 1947 to become a British national and acquiring the surname of Mountbatten.

The Queen and Prince Philip married in Westminster Abbey on November 20 1947.

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