Princess Anne and Zara Tindall: 6 photos that show their special mother-daughter bond

Princess Anne and Zara Tindall: 6 photos that show their special mother-daughter bond

Princess Anne, 69, will be 70 on August 15 and the dedicated royal shows no sign of slowing down. Not only is the Princess Royal one of the hardest-working members of the Royal Family but she is a talented equestrian and became the first-ever British royal to compete in the Olympic Games.

Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Tindall, 39, is not a working royal but she followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a professional equestrian and won silver with Team GB at the 2012 London Olympics.

Zara shares her mother’s love of horses and they are often snapped looking happy and relaxed in one another’s company at equestrian events.

Body language analyst and author Judi James has analysed a handful of photos of Anne and Zara out together and explained how the photos reveal show their shared sense of fun, competitiveness and passion for horses.

Judi told “Anne and Zara’s body language together defines them as intense sharers, with their matching traits of professionalism and their intense passion for horses; their competitive spirits that powered them both to Olympic glory, and their sense of what looks like doubled-up fun that is a constant aspect of Zara’s personality but less obvious in Anne until she is seen in her daughter’s company.

She added: “Their respect looks mutual as well.”

“Zara always talks about her mother with a sense of awe as well as humour and affection, but it’s clear that Anne is proud of the daughter who has led the kind of life that Anne herself might have seen as ideal had she not taken on all her royal duties.”

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1.) ’Shared fun’

Judi said: “Anne’s facial expressions will usually suggest she takes life rather seriously, but when she is with her daughter there is something almost naughty about their signals of shared fun.

“This is subliminal mirroring too, meaning they’re sharing the joke without even looking at one another, suggesting very deep bonds of like-minded thinking.

“Anne out-smiles Zara here, who is rarely seen without a very wide and upbeat grin on her face.

“It’s clear Anne is very relaxed in her daughter’s company: the way she leans forward as she grins here suggests she’s almost helpless with laughter.

3.) ‘Shared listening’

Judi said: “Anne and Zara will each show signals of active and quite intense listening when they are together, suggesting genuine interest in what they both have to say.

“Here it’s Anne doing the talking, but the way Zara studies her mother’s face closely as she listens and her crinkled eye-smile response show she’s hanging on her every word.”

4.) ‘Team spirit’

Judi said: “There is a strong sense of professional team spirit between mother and daughter, with Anne standing by the horse here with her hands behind her back, chatting up to her daughter in what looks like the role of coach as much as a proud mother.

“There is a look of respect from Anne too here.

“The way Zara sits confidently on her horse, using emphatic hand gesticulation suggests she and Anne share a very even power-balance.”

5.) ‘Shared Pride’

Judi said: “Anne looks as proud to be handing her daughter an award here as Zara looks to be receiving it from her mum.

“It’s easy to laugh or look embarrassed when your mum’s the one giving you your winner’s medal but Zara’s warm smile says she’s genuinely delighted.”

6.) ‘Shared gossip?’

Judi said: ’Speaking from a bit of a distance, both Anne and Zara use body language signals to suggest they’d like to spend longer chatting together.

‘Anne’s nose-touch looks like the kind of partial cut-off that can suggest someone would prefer to have a less public conversation, while Zara’s truncated-looking hand gesture looks like a mirrored facial touch that would reflect the same thinking.’

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