Princess Anne ‘quietly struggling’ is ‘really upsetting’ claims expert – ‘needs comfort’

Princess Anne ‘quietly struggling’ is ‘really upsetting’ claims expert – ‘needs comfort’

There was also a tear-jerking photograph showing the Princess Royal staring at her mother’s coffin through the car window.

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke exclusively to about how Anne tried to control her emotions.

She said: “The photographs of the royals collectively mourning the Queen have been sad, but it’s the poses of a rather isolated-looking Princess Anne who really does look like a woman desperate to channel her mother’s famous skill of stoicism and stiff upper lip, but quietly struggling, that are really upsetting,” the expert claimed.

Why is this?

Judi explained: “We have seen Charles watery-eyed over his ‘darling Mama’ and we have seen the other top tier royals offering mutual hugs and other forms of unity and sympathy as they weep and comfort each other together.

“But Anne seems to have taken on the role of offering quiet strength and stability throughout.”

What was her facial expression like?

Judi opined: “Here though we can see the toll this might be taking on her emotions via her facial expression and angle of her head.


“The tilt of her head and her frown as she looks at her mother’s coffin looks un-dramatic but almost questioning, as though she can barely believe what she is seeing.

“She seems to be adopting that same role of strength and courage that the Queen always did, even when Philip died.

“But for Anne, it could be an emotionally costly stance to take,” the expert suggested.

It was also incredibly emotional to see Anne and Sophie Wessex curtseying as they saw the late Queen’s coffin being carried into the Edinburgh palace.

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Twitter user @rrrich7 commented: “The Princess Royal is known to be rather stoic.

“It shows how much she is feeling the sadness and respect, for her to curtsy so deeply.

“And wonderful that the Countess of Wessex reaches out to comfort her.”

Published at Sun, 11 Sep 2022 17:30:00 +0000