Princess Diana would have supported Meghan Markle over ‘dysfunctional family’

Princess Diana would have supported Meghan Markle over ‘dysfunctional family’

Princess Diana and Meghan have in common a difficult relationship with one of their parents, which would have likely pushed the Princess of Wales to help out the Duchess of Sussex, according to the Queen’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter. Mr Arbiter, now a royal expert who has worked for years for Prince Charles and Diana, recalled how the princess had a strained relationship with her mother, Frances Shand Kydd. He told the Daily Mail: “Meghan has a past and a dysfunctional family. 

“She’s been married before and worked in a business that’s pretty fickle, so Diana would have put her at ease and told her not to take any notice, that she’d had the media all her life.”

But the People’s Princess would have also helped Meghan transitioning from the showbiz world to the Royal Family, having many connections among A-listers and knowing very well that world, according to the former press secretary.

Mr Arbiter continued: “It’s very difficult to shed 15 years of being in showbiz overnight.  

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“It will happen in time and Diana would have been a good guide for her.”

Meghan is believed to have begun to distance herself from her father Thomas Markle Snr after he staged pictures for paparazzi ahead of her wedding in spring 2018.

Their difficult relationship was further exacerbated after Mr Markle revealed to the press what Prince Harry allegedly told him regarding Brexit and Donald Trump during a private phone call.

The former Hollywood lightening director also claimed the Royal Family was like Scientology because of their “cult-like” secrecy.  

And in late 2018, Mr Markle leaked parts of a letter from Meghan dated August 2018 where she was begging him to stop listening to media reports and commenting on her new relationship with Prince Harry.

Princess Diana had her own problems with her mother Frances, according to the princess’ butler and friend Paul Burrell.

Mr Burrell revealed several years ago the content of a heated phone conversation between Princess Diana and her mother shortly before the Princess of Wales died in a car accident in France in August 1997.

He told the Daily Mirror: “I heard her call, ‘Paul, come quick’. She was hanging over the bannister shouting down.

“She waved me over with her hand. I joined her on the floor cross-legged and stuck close beside her. 

“I learnt my ear as near to the phone as possible and listened to the conversation – albeit one-way.

“It was the slurring voice of Mrs Frances Shand Kydd.

“What I heard was a torrent of abuse, swearing and upsetting innuendo towards the Princess and towards the male company she was keeping.

“It was a hate-filled personal attack on the men and their religious beliefs.”

The conversation was said at the time to be focused on Diana’s relationships with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and businessman Gulu Lalvani.

According to Mr Burrell, this was the last conversation Diana and Frances had before the death of the Princess.   

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