Princess Diana’s secret connection with one London airport revealed – amid tribute concern

Princess Diana’s secret connection with one London airport revealed – amid tribute concern

Princess Diana, former wife of Prince Charles, was as familiar a face abroad as she was at home, where she was bestowed the public nickname of the Princess of Peace. The mum of two, who tragically died in 1997, raised awareness of landmines in Africa on royal tours as well as joining forces with the Prince of Wales for longer-haul trips to Australia and India. Yet she made a mark closer to home when she visited an east London airport in 1992. Princess Diana visited the Silvertown transport hub, London City Airport, after its new runway was revealed – yet her impact is still being felt now.

Concerned passengers in the East End messaged the airport to question where the portrait of Diana was, commemorating the event, after previously being installed on the wall in the main terminal.

One flight passenger took to Twitter to put: “Where has Diana Princess of Wales gone?

“You must leave the portrait of the Queen of Hearts next to your defibrillator. It’s my favourite observational quip!”

A spokesperson for London City Airport then revealed exclusively to the reason for the move.

They said: “Over the years, London City Airport has welcomed several members of the British royal family.

“Diana, Princess of Wales, made an official visit on 5th March 1992, to mark the completion of the newly extended runway and tour the airport.

“The plaque that Diana unveiled can still be found in the Departures lounge, however the framed photograph next to it has been temporarily removed so we can find a more suitable location.

“As we take forward our £500 million development programme we will look for the perfect opportunity to prominently showcase the Queen of Hearts in the airport that’s in the heart of London.”

Meanwhile, recently reported the wardrobe trick Princess Diana employed during trips overseas.

She embarked on a tour of Australia with the Prince of Wales in 1983, and royal writer Kitty Kelley has now detailed the extent she went to in order to prepare for it.

In her new book, The Royals, Kitty wrote: “Diana knew that style was the first priority of a Princess, and she was determined to be the best dressed Princess of Wales in history.

“She would show substance beneath the surface later, right now all she cared about was creating a lip-smacking first impression.”

On her stylish wardrobe, Kitty added: “She consulted fashion editors and designers.

“She let them know that she intended to bring style and glamour to her role and and distance herself from the rest of the Windsor women in their white purses, garden party hats and sturdy platform shoes.”

It is well-known the royal family have an entourage when they travel, and it appeared Princess Diana craved a very specific style from her advisors when on tour.

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