Princess Diana’s voice ‘lulled Kristen Stewart to sleep’ during Spencer movie

Princess Diana’s voice ‘lulled Kristen Stewart to sleep’ during Spencer movie

Later this year Kristen Stewart will hit the silver screen as Diana, Princess of Wales, in Spencer. The film tells a unique story of the late People’s Princess over Christmas 1991 at Sandringham House, exploring the moment she decided to leave her husband, Prince Charles, and the royal family. Stewart has revealed how hard she has been working to make her performance as authentic as possible, including listening to old voice clips of the princess.

Stewart said in a new interview: “To be honest, I’ve now consumed pretty much all there is to consume in terms of videos and interviews.” (Via The Sun on Sunday)

The American star has paid a lot of attention to how Princess Diana spoke, no doubt perfecting the unique intonations of her voice.

This, Stewart went on, involved unconsciously listening to the princess.

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Stewart said: “I’ve watched everything that you could hear or see. I even go to sleep with it on.”

It’s no surprise Stewart has spent so much time perfecting her role in the film, considering the impact the royal made on British culture.

Stewart went on: “She means a lot to me, but it’s all relatively new because I’m from LA and didn’t grow up in England.

“Before this, she was not something that was at the forefront of my mind, because I lived so far away from it all. Now I can’t stop thinking about her.

“I often wonder what she’d think about what’s going on in the world right now.”

Stewart said at the Venice International Film Festival: “I think that she was just desperate to reveal some truth in an environment that is steeped in the energy of.

“As an outsider, I can say the Brits generally have the stiff-upper-lip mentality, that is the go-to generalisation.”

Director of Spencer, Pablo Larrain, had nothing but great things to say about the former Twilight star.

He said she “never had fear” about playing the role. He added: “I did.”

Larrain said: “On a number of occasions … Unlike what usually happens, I held on to her strength. She really carried the movie.

“I of course did my work. I directed it. I conducted the orchestra that becomes a movie, but she’s the force of nature.”

Spencer hits cinemas on November 5.


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