Princess Eugenie’s emotional Queen confession before marriage

Princess Eugenie’s emotional Queen confession before marriage

The princess helped cap a magical year for the Royal Family in 2018, which saw Eugenie marry Jack, and her cousin Prince Harry wed ex-US actress Meghan Markle. In the build up to the wedding, Eugenie discussed how she was feeling ahead of the special day, but made a confession about her “incredible” grandmother and grandfather, Prince Philip. Speaking to Vogue before her wedding, the Princess said of the Queen: “She’s been on the throne 65 years.

“The dedication that she and our grandfather have put towards this country is incredible.”

Eugenie cites Her Majesty as the biggest influence on her life and since Harry and Meghan decided to stand down from Royal Family duties earlier this year, the spotlight has grown on her – as well as her sister Princess Beatrice.

The pair have been vocal and present throughout much of the coronavirus pandemic, delivering talks and helping raise the morale of those struggling to cope with the devastation of the outbreak.

And Eugenie’s apparent ability to cope with difficult situations was again present after she claimed she was “not stressed at all” about her upcoming marriage to Jack.

She admitted the experience was “nerve wracking because you want it to be perfect but then you realise that you’re going to be with the person forever so nothing else really matters”.

She added: “There’s a lovely quote from Maya Angelou, which I’m paraphrasing, that ‘No one will remember what you said but they’ll remember how you made them feel.’

“It’s about how we feel, but also how our family and friends feel.

“I want it to be beautiful and fun and to bring out our personalities as much as possible.”

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BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond said: “The focus of the day was of course on the couple; an unsurprisingly nervous groom, his hand shaking at times, his gaze twitching as he waited for his bride; a beaming princess, unable to control her joy.

“There was more; flawless organisation, hat dysfunction as the wind blew and blew, hatchets buried as the Duke of Edinburgh settled into a seat near Sarah, Duchess of York, with whom he has had a frosty – sometimes frozen – relationship.

“But most noticeable at Windsor? The applause that followed the national anthem and the cheers for the Queen as she left the chapel. No one eclipses the Queen in the affections of the British public.”

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