Priti Patel says ending free movement will ‘play vital role’ in UK’s coronavirus recovery

Priti Patel says ending free movement will ‘play vital role’ in UK’s coronavirus recovery

Speaking in the House of Commons, the Home Secretary said: “The Bill before us today will play a vital role in our recovery plans for the future. It will end free movement and pave the way for our new points-based immigration system.

“A firmer, fairer and simpler system that will attract the people we need to drive our country forward through the recovery stage of coronavirus laying the foundation for a high wage, high skill, productive economy.”

Ms Patel was speaking during the second reading debate of the Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill. 

Speaking about the Bill, the Home Secretary concluded: “It’s a simple one – it delivers on the promise we made to the British people.

“It ends free movement. It takes back control of our borders.

“It gives the Government the powers needed to deliver an immigration system that is firm, fair and fit for the future, the points-based system the public voted for, a system that will support our economic recovery by prioritising jobs for people here in the UK while continuing to attract the brightest and the best in terms of global talent.”

But Labour has lashed out at the new system, with Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds attacking the salary threshold.

He said in the Commons: “In the midst of this crisis the Government is putting forward an immigration system containing a salary threshold of £25,600.

“It sends a signal and tells people that anyone earning less than that is unskilled and unwelcome in our country.”

Mr Thomas-Symonds also warned the earnings of frontline workers do not reflect their contribution to society.

He added: “Those who clapped (for carers) on Thursday are only too happy to vote through a Bill today that will send a powerful message to those same people – that they are not considered by this Government to be skilled workers.

“Are shop workers unskilled? Are refuse collectors? Are local government workers? Are NHS staff? Are care workers?

“Of course they are not.”


Published at Mon, 18 May 2020 16:33:00 +0000