Promising Young Woman ending explained: What happened to Carey Mulligan's Cassie?

Promising Young Woman ending explained: What happened to Carey Mulligan's Cassie?

Carey Mulligan is the star of Promising Young Woman and has so far received critical acclaim for her performance. As well as being Golden Globe-nominated, she is also up for the Oscar for Best Actress for the film.

What happened to Cassie in the end of Promising Young Woman?

WARNING: Spoilers for Promising Young Woman ahead.

Promising Young Woman shows Cassie Thomas pretending to be drunk in order to trick men into taking her home.

When they do take her home, she makes her sobriety clear to them, as a way to teach them how to treat women.

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The ending of the film sees Cassie confront the man who brought about her revenge plot, Al (Chris Lowell), who raped her close friend Nina in college.

Al is now getting married and Cassie must avenge her friend before another woman is caught in his hideous trap.

Cassie confronts Al, scratching Nina’s name into his abdomen, before he attacks and kills her.

Al buries her body and, despite her parents starting a police investigation, it looks as though Al will get away with his crimes scot-free.

But it seems Cassie has thought of all this and has pre-planned messages to her boyfriend Ryan (Bo Burnham), as well as evidence of her murder which she’s left for her boss Gail (Laverne Cox) to find.

At his wedding, Al is arrested for murder, and will never hurt another woman, or so it is hoped.

Before this dangerous story unfolds in this way, Cassie focuses on getting revenge on those who were, in her mind, responsible for Nina’s situation, which includes those who did not believe her.

The first is Madison (Alison Brie) who she takes out for lunch, gets her drunk, then leaves her with a man who does what Cassie would expect, leaving Madison totally distraught the following day.


The next in the firing line is the dean of the college, Elizabeth (Connie Britton) who Cassie confronts.

Elizabeth continues to defend her inaction until Cassie tells her she has dropped Elizabeth’s teenage daughter at a frat party with drunk boys.

Elizabeth is totally incensed and apologises for her lack of action, only for Cassie to admit the teenager is at a diner, completely safe from harm.

Cassie next focuses on Al’s lawyer (Alfred Molina) who pressured Nina to drop the charges against Al.

He has already felt the guilt of his actions and admits he had a nervous breakdown over what he did.

At this, Cassie forgives him, and on speaking to Nina’s mother (Molly Shannon) decides to drop her revenge plot and allows herself to fall in love with Ryan (Bo Burnham), a former classmate.

This is until Madison gives her a video from the rape, which shows Ryan in the background.

It is here when Cassie hatches the final plan which ultimately brings her death, as Ryan tells her where to find Al’s bachelor party.

The film is full of surprises, but Cassie’s resolve stands firm throughout as she fights for justice for her friends, albeit in a gruesome and terrifying way.

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