PS Plus April 2020: Great PS4 free games news ahead of PlayStation Plus reveal

PS Plus April 2020: Great PS4 free games news ahead of PlayStation Plus reveal

While we already have a good idea on what will be announced for PS4, it won’t be long before we find out the full PS Plus April 2020 plans from Sony PlayStation. This is likely to include the news that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Dirt Rally 2.0 will be available to download for free using a PlayStation Plus membership next month. The big reveal was leaked early via a PlayStation YouTube Channel and it would be a massive surprise to find out that it wasn’t correct.

But while we already know what the main lineup will be, Sony could still have a few surprises planned.

April will be the month of some big releases, including titles like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake.

It will also be the month before The Last of Us Part 2 arrives and we know that Sony had planned to let some people play it early.

So there is a slim chance Sony could release this expo demo on the PSN in the run up to the big May 2020 launch.

Even if the tech doesn’t have anything extra planned, there are other rewards available during April 2020 worth checking out.

Ubisoft has announced a number of new features for Ghost Recon Breakpoint which will be available to check out.

The development team behind have already discussed how the game is being changed during 2020, following its rough launch.

And now Ubisoft is making it possible to try it before buying it, among other features.

This includes being able to download and play Ghost Recon Breakpoint for up to six-hours on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This new deal coincides with the launch of the game’s latest update, Episode 2: Ghost State, along with the new Friend Pass.

The new Friend Pass provides another way for current owners to invite their friends who don’t own Ghost Recon Breakpoint into their co-op sessions.

A new message from Ubisoft explains: “The free trial expires after six hours of playtime. After that, all your progress will be saved and carry over should you decide to purchase the game.

“If you participated in the recent free weekend for less than six hours, you can still use your remaining time in the trial.

“Those who played more than six hours during the free weekend can still continue playing if invited by friends using the Friend Pass.

“The Friend Pass allows Breakpoint owners to invite friends to jump into their games. Additionally, the six-hour time limit pauses while using the Friend Pass, so if you spend all your time in co-op with a friend, you’ll still have six hours of the free trial for yourself.

“If you don’t already own Breakpoint, you’ll need to download the Trial version specifically to take advantage of a Friend Pass invite.”

It should also be noted that the Resident Evil Resistance beta is now available to download on PS4.

This open beta is free to play until April 3 and was delayed by severe technical difficulties earlier this month.

Capcom has confirmed that this new beta will allow Resi fans to get an early taste of the new 1 vs 4 online multiplayer mode set in the Resident Evil universe.

This will include four Survivors facing off against a sinister Mastermind. As the Mastermind, the gamer will need to prevent the Survivors from escaping by whatever means necessary.

Meanwhile, the Survivors must work together to fend off the Mastermind’s attacks and complete the objectives to escape the map before the timer runs out.

The new PS Plus games for April 2020 are expected to be released on April 7, replacing the current batch which includes Sonic Forces and Shadow of the Colossus.

Published at Wed, 01 Apr 2020 03:31:00 +0000